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Taliban: Afghan drug menace may worsen as Taliban hint at legalizing poppy – Times of India

Kabul: When Taliban occupied Kabul in August, raising concerns that the drug menace in the country could be worse. However, the group then promised to end opium cultivation.
According to a report, as of October, Taliban leaders have indicated that they are considering legalizing the cultivation of opium.
Afghanistan, which exports more than 90 percent of the world’s heroin, may find new impetus for the drug trade under the Taliban.
According to the news report, the Taliban can now openly nurture and cultivate the raw material of opium and its by-product heroin.
This comes despite the Taliban’s claim that they will wipe out opium fields in the war-ravaged southern part of the country as they attempt to establish a stricter interpretation of Islamic law.
Haji Abdul Haq Akhondi Hamkar, Deputy Minister of Counter Narcotics, ministry of domestic affairs It shows that the door is still open for possible “legalization” of farming – provided the Afghans are not harmed.
We do speculate, “We either create alternative jobs or legitimize it. Then the problem is solved.” “We’re working on it, we’re up for the idea.”
Some in the Taliban leadership believe that legalizing the poppy would help them develop Afghanistan’s war-torn economy.
High drug-contingent nations use poppy fields in countries such as Australia and Turkey as a legal means of harvesting the plants needed for opioids and other important painkillers.
“If it is possible, it is best to work on legalizing it. It will help the economy to grow, and we will not have to put too much effort into it because it is already widely cultivated,” Mawlawi Noor guesses Ahmed SayeedDirector of Information and Culture in Kandahar.
Afghanistan has been one of the top illicit drug producing countries in the world. At present, a large number of drug addicts are on the streets.
Several reports indicate that opium cultivation and drug trafficking provide a major source of income for the Taliban, mainly in the southern and northern parts of the country.
The vast majority of drug trafficking goes through Iran and the Taliban make big money from it.
The Taliban has so far acted on small drug dealers, but big dealers have been given free passes.


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