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Take #AmrutPrayas oath to wish PM Modi on his 71st birthday

It’s going to be business as usual for the Prime Minister Narendra Modi Tomorrow again on his birthday. Each year the Prime Minister is known to celebrate his birthday, which will be significant for India as a nation. As the Prime Minister turns 71 this year, sources in the Prime Minister’s Office tell CNN News18 that the entire focus will be on the AMRUT effort. This essentially means taking important steps to ensure that India can take itself to the nectar or golden age.

So if you are congratulating Prime Minister Narendra Modi on social media you will need to come up with a form of ‘Seva’ or service that you will adopt to mark the celebration.

The Bharatiya Janata Party has been celebrating Modi’s birthday every year and a week after that as Seva Saptah. It includes many activities like conducting blood donation camps or doing sanitation service etc.

All those who wish to congratulate the Prime Minister on social media, especially on the NaMo app, will also take a pledge to serve in some form or the other. People have also been encouraged to share photos and videos of their service form on the NaMo app.

NaMo App will also host a virtual exhibition based on the life of the Prime Minister.

The focus of the government this year has been mainly on ensuring public health and vaccination campaign in particular. Undoubtedly the most popular form of service would be to encourage people to get vaccinated. It is likely that a special vaccination drive will be conducted to commemorate the 71st birthday of the Prime Minister.

So far, India has managed to vaccinate the highest number of people in a single day at least thrice this month, with the number exceeding one crore. The government is hoping to break all records on September 17 as it has been the prime minister’s initiative to provide free vaccines to every adult citizen.

Here is how Prime Minister Narendra Modi celebrates his birthday every year since he became the PM.

In 2014, he traveled to Gandhinagar to meet his mother Hira Ba, who gave him Rs 5,001 as a birthday present, which was donated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Jammu and Kashmir flood relief. He also hosted the Japanese Prime Minister in Ahmedabad that evening.

In 2015, Prime Minister Modi visited Shauranjali, a military exhibition to mark the golden anniversary of the 1965 Indo-Pak war.

In 2016, Modi sought blessings from his mother in Gandhinagar, but later that day went to Navsari in Gujarat and distributed aid to the differently-abled.

In 2017, the Prime Minister visited his home state of Gujarat, where he dedicated the Sardar Sarovar Dam project to the nation, a project conceived more than seven decades ago by the late Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

In 2018, the Prime Minister visited the Kashi Vishwanath Temple and spent his birthday which was spent by school children in his constituency Varanasi.

The year 2019 was again a day when Prime Minister Narendra Modi went to Gandhinagar to seek blessings from his mother and enjoy a hot meal with her. He dedicated the Namami Narmada Festival to the nation as it marked the celebration of the dam reaching the water level milestone.

The year 2020 was a birthday that came after the first wave of covid and BJP celebrated this day as Seva and Samarpan Diwas, which included distribution of free ration and medical camps etc. to help the common man.

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