T20 World Cup 2021: Hasan Ali has no hatred, but respect for ‘Human Being’


A part of Pakistan’s cricket history is tainted, but it happened a long time ago. Most of the current players on the team at that time were school going children. Time passed, the face of international cricket changed, but Pakistan still grapples with the scars of the unfortunate incident at Lord’s in 2010 that shook the cricketing world.

This was also the time when social media was making space for fans and giving them a voice. However, while social media had the power to bring fans closer to the game and players, similar to the two faces of a coin, it also gave rise to trolls – anonymous, anonymous who can throw shit at anyone, at any cost and Will never know. The anger of the angry fans was easily felt and the trolls took advantage of it.

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More than a decade later, more and more fans are its trolls who are now unfortunately dominating the news space. Not only on the players, but on the family, crossing their limits has become a norm and despicable, despicable personal attack, and it is worrying.

Pakistan fast bowler Hasan Ali is the latest victim of one such social media trial. The moment he dropped Matthew Wade’s catch on Thursday t20 world cup The 2021 semi-finals in Dubai, a large section of cricket fans – or if we may call them so – declared him a sinner.

Just one mistake and all hell broke loose. Ali was brutally beaten up on almost every social platform, but does he really deserve so much hate?

In the entire T20 World Cup, none of his actions seemed scripted or half-hearted. The way Babar Azam, Mohammad Rizwan, Shadab Khan, Shaheen Afridi and others performed was commendable. Ali was no different.

If you look at the picture from the perspective of a cricket lover, then watching the right-handed Tej fight with himself will not be a difficult task. Given his international experience, it would have been easy to understand that something was wrong. Something was stopping them from their gleeful celebrations. But Ali didn’t let emotions take over his mind. Instead, he made himself more difficult and that was possible only if you have the support of your captain and management.

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Babar Azam did a commendable job by being around a teammate at his lower level. And when one of his best bowlers dropped a crucial catch, he didn’t hesitate to take a stand. Azam said without hesitation, “I will support him. After all, only a player makes mistakes on the field. He is my best bowler and has won matches for Pakistan in the past.”

If a captain, a team, management and a former legend of the game can stand by Hasan Ali and appreciate his efforts, why not the fans? You have the freedom to enter someone’s world on some popular mobile apps, but mind you, who gives you the legal right to comment on someone’s character or personal life.

This is a constraint that needs to be maintained. People should understand that cricket is just a game and a team can win if the other side loses. There is a risk of making mistakes in the person engaged in this process. Since each move affects the outcome, each failed action becomes a lesson for the next step after the result. Abusers are always welcome, but crossing the border and abusing a cricketer who spent countless sleepless nights to get the national jersey is unacceptable.

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His countrymen should stand by him, understand his position and allow him to come back stronger in the next game, rather than writing him down in agony.

After all, he is also a human.

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