Supertech Twin Towers Test Blast Today: Know the demolition plan of 40 storey buildings

a test blast to demolish supertech Twin Towers will be organized in Noida at 2.30 pm on Sunday. The two 40-storey buildings will actually be brought down on May 22. The Supreme Court ordered in August destruction of structures, because its construction violated the minimum distance requirement. Here is how the buildings will be demolished and an overview of the matter:

structure and its location

Both the buildings are located in Sector 93A of Noida and are close to the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway. While the height of one tower is 103 meters, the height of the other is about 97 meters. The built-up area of ​​both the towers is around 7.5 lakh square feet.

Test Blast: Timings & Other Details

According to the advisory issued by the firm, the test blast will be done in the society of Sector 93-A, Noida at 2.30 pm on Sunday. A 10-minute test will be conducted to find out the quantity of explosives required for the demolition and residents of the surrounding areas will not have to be evacuated.

This test blast will be done on two floors and the pillars have been selected in the basement and on the 14th floor.

“A test blast will be conducted at Supertech Emerald Twin Towers located in Sector 93A Noida, India at 2.30 pm on Sunday (April 10). For your own safety, an exclusion zone will be enforced by the military and police. All residents of this area will have to stay inside their apartments and avoid standing on their balconies between 2.15 pm and 2.45 pm.”

How will the actual demolition take place?

The Noida Authority has participated in Edifice Engineering and Jet Demolition to demolish the illegally constructed Supertech Twin Towers. Officials say the demolition will take just nine seconds. Officials told news agency PTI that residents of neighboring ATS Greens Village and other societies have also been warned about the test blast, which will be carried out on four pillars in the basement and on the 14th floor of an illegal structure.

All preparations have been made for the test blast, including the installation of aluminum sheets on the boundary wall and the use of geotextile fabric on the ground to prevent dust, splashes and debris from leaving the premises. The cost of demolition will be borne by Supertech. Demolition debris will have to be processed at a construction and demolition waste plant or disposed of in a low-lying area.

court order

Supreme court In August last year, orders were given to demolish the structures located in Sector 93A. The construction violated the minimum distance requirement and was illegally constructed without the consent of the individual flat owners as required under the UP Apartments Act, the top court said.

On January 17, the top court also approved the proposal of the demolition agency, Edifice Engineering and Jet Demolition, finalized by the Noida Authority. Supertech signed a contract with the agency.

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