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Sunny Kaushal went full monty for an important scene in the upcoming film Shiddat

From Ranbir Kapoor’s famous towel drop scene in Saawariya to John Abraham’s torture scene in New York and even Aamir Khan’s poster of PK, many Bollywood The actors have worked hard for their characters. And the latest to join the fray is actor Sunny Kaushal, who has rocked it all in his upcoming film Shiddat.

In a crucial sequence, the actor had to take off his clothes and he agreed. Speaking to News18.com, Kaushal says, “I have gone almost full Monty in shiddat. My character has no inhibitions or arrogance to express myself. I remember the day when we were going to shoot the scene, that’s when we thought we were going to do it. This is a normal body shot and it is only for a second when you can see that I am naked. The scene has not been added for this. There is a sense behind it to showcase the character building in the film.”

The film, which also stars Radhika Madan, talks about true love and how far one can go to achieve it. Defining what love means to him, Kaushal says, “Love never changes, it is the people around it who change and grow. True love exists but you need to understand it.” Just need that kind of person. In today’s world we are always looking for instant gratification. Today everything is on our phones and relationships are settled on the right swipe. It has become very fickle and it is mostly It is for the people. We have tried to show that true love is still present in the film. Shiddat is not your cliché rom-com, it is real and relatable.”

Without a godfather and despite obvious comparisons to brother Vicky Kaushal, the actor has managed to stand apart with his performance. With Shiddat and Hurdang arriving, he says that he is in a very happy place. “For the past year and a half, we all have gone through a lot of uncertainty. We all got a lot of time to introspect and I’m really glad I could too. I am very comfortable in my space. And I know what kind of work is coming my way,” says Sunny.

Ask him about the sibling rivalry and the actor says, “Vicky and I have no sibling rivalry. We have our own personal journeys. Basically it is all love between us. Our father (Sham Kaushal) has been in the industry for so many years and we both go to him for advice. Sometimes I discuss things with Vicky and sometimes he does it with me. But in the end, it is our own final decision.”

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