Sunny Hinduja on remaking with Shahzada: ‘I didn’t have many projects to pick and choose from’ Specific

Sunny Hinduja is going very busy these days. The actor, who stunned us with his performance in The Family Man, will next be seen in Thai Massage alongside Divyendu and Gajraj Rao. He will also be a part of Shahzada. In an exclusive interview with News18 Shosha, the actor talks about his upcoming projects Shahzada and Thai Massage, his struggles in the film industry and how he had a phase where he shot for 5-7 films but none of them released. Couldn’t, talked about.

Come August, and we’ll get to see Sunny in a Thai massage. Backed by Imtiaz Ali, the film is said to be about erectile dysfunction in a septuagenarian. Sunny is very excited to be a part of this project. Calling the concept ‘hatke’, he promised that it will be nothing like what the audience has seen before. Talking about working with Divyendu and Gajraj Rao, Sunny said, “Divyendu has been my senior at FTII. That’s why we know each other very well. Working with him was very special. We have had a great rapport since FTII days, so we spent a lot of time on and off the sets.

Talking about Gajraj Rao, who plays his father in the film, Sunny said, “He has that vibe, that father’s affection and love. It was very easy to play his son and I felt that I had a strong character.” The connection has been made.” He also said that Gajraj Rao would joke that the FTII boys would come dressed up on the sets of the film, adding that the audience needed to see Thai massage only for the senior actor.

The Thai massage is backed by Imtiaz Ali and Sunny recalls starting the project with ‘very nervous’. He said, ‘It was very special. I started this film with a lot of nervousness and high expectations from myself. I thought this was the project because I had acquired it even before the release of The Aspirants and The Family Man. I am a huge fan of Imtiaz sir.”

Sunny will next be seen in Ala Vaikunthapuramulu remake, Shahzada. He revealed that only a part of the shooting of Shehzada is yet to be completed. Talking about the character he said, “I play the antagonist in the film. The character is quite stylish, gentle and very rich. There is a completely different vibe about him – very tough, very straight and really Passionate about his work and his things, very special and very unexpected.” He said that he has not seen the original film starring Allu Arjun.

When asked if he thought of comparing with the original as Shehzada is a remake, Sunny quipped, “Well, first of all, I had no choice that there were too many projects, mere paas aur me. Mana Kar Doon Project (I did not have the option that I have some projects and I will say no to anything). Secondly, it is rare that people like Rohit Dhawan approach you for a project. So that was a special moment for me because I really love Rohit sir. He is a wonderful director and above all a wonderful human being. So his energy, his vibe and his love and his passion for his project and his love for me were all these things and I couldn’t say no to it. And I didn’t even think of Shehzada being a remake, it’s like any other project.”

The FTII graduate had bagged his first film even before he passed out of college. However, despite achieving this and shooting more films in the years to come, Sunny Hinduja had a bad phase as none of the films were actually released in theatres. The actor recalls, “I got my first film when I was studying at FTII, which was called Cycle Kick. The director of the institute gave me permission, which was really special for me. So it started from there. , and things keep happening. So this film didn’t release for the next five years and in between I did 5-7 more films which never got to be seen in broad daylight. During that time- between 2008-2012 , there was a sudden boom in marketing and promotion and the amount of budget required to produce the film was equal to or sometimes less than the amount required to release the film. So, for a newcomer like me to support the producers Or it was difficult to spend so much and people did not know me much at that time. That’s when all my films got stuck and it became difficult for them to release.

He feels that it is only because of OTT that he is able to showcase his talent and his potential. “But thanks to the OTT platform, which has given me the second innings or you can say the beginning of my innings. I think the OTT platform is a boom for talent across the fraternity; Not just actors, but technicians, crew, writers. I am really grateful that things have turned out in a way that I never imagined, but I am happy with how things are going in my life right now,” he concluded.

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