Success Story: How a Upskilling Course Helped a Farmer’s Son Land Job as Data Engineer With 100% Salary Hike

Prem Kumar belongs to a typical lower middle class family where his father works as a farmer and his mother is a homemaker.

Prem Kumar belongs to a typical lower middle class family where his father works as a farmer and his mother is a homemaker.

Prem Kumar wanted to help his family by integrating technology in the agriculture sector to develop tools to make the work of farmers easier

Jarupula Prem Kumar, a resident of Telangana’s Warangal district, believes that skill matters more than anything else in today’s highly competitive world. Prem Kumar belongs to a typical lower middle class family where his father works as a farmer and his mother is a homemaker.

A young professional who, like every other person, Prem Kumar found ways to progress in his career. He was looking for ways to integrate technology and agriculture while also making himself more attractive to the job market. In doing so, he also took the opportunity to improve his skills by enrolling in an artificial intelligence and machine learning course, which eventually helped him get a 100 percent salary hike when he joined TVS Motors as a data engineer. .

As a member of a family with an agricultural background, Prem saw his father and uncles toiling in the heat and rain to support their family. Since all his labor was manual, he wanted to help his family by integrating technology into the agricultural sector with the aim of developing simple tools that would make the farmers’ work easier and increase their productivity.

Prem’s first course of action was to search for resources through platforms such as YouTube. It was then that he decided to explore upskilling courses and enrolled in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning upskilling courses offered by Great Learning.

Prem appeared for JEE Main in 2016 and qualified for JEE Advanced that year. He went on to join the Gokaraju Rangaraju Institute of Engineering and Technology, with the state government reimbursing his entire college fee. Holding a B.Tech degree in Information Technology, Prem previously worked on performance testing for Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) as a Test Data Engineer for 2 years. He got a job in TCS as a complete fresher without any internship or certification through TCS NINJA campus recruitment.

When asked about the benefits of enrolling in such upskilling courses, Prem said, “Upskilling in tech has become important to avoid becoming obsolete. Enrolling in such a course provides an industry perspective and helps improve our understanding of the data science and machine learning domain. This increases your chances of getting a job in roles such as Data Scientist, Data Analyst or Machine Learning Engineer, which usually offer higher package salaries.

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Today, individuals have open access to several distance learning courses to upgrade themselves from the comfort of their homes. That’s exactly what Prem did by joining this 12-month online course during the pandemic. Prem explained that the course had pre-recorded videos as well as a two-hour live session on weekends that was meant only for answering questions. A new learning module was made available every week with tasks and tests based on the content in the module. The entire syllabus covered all the fundamental and intermediate topics.

Prem Kumar also emphasized that skill development with emerging technologies can help people to boost their career and earn higher salaries. It can also be considered as a natural progression from higher education as entering the corporate world with only academic qualifications and no industrial training may no longer suffice. To stand a chance of being the best candidate to get hired, people need to arm themselves with a variety of abilities because employers prefer candidates who can work with a variety of technologies. In addition to this, such candidates get higher salary.