Story of a girl: In front of whose eyes the father’s henchmen cut her husband with a sickle in broad daylight

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  • Story of a girl whose father’s henchmen cut her husband with a sickle in broad daylight

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Today in Pyaar Ka Postmortem Series-4, we are telling the story of Kaushalya and Shankar, whose love was destroyed by their loved ones burning in the fire of caste.

In the year 2014, Kaushalya was 19 years old. She was born in an upper caste and influential family in village Kuppampalayam in Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu. Father P. Chinnasamy worked as a financier. Mother Housewife. Kaushalya had topped in 12th. So he was allowed to study further. Kaushalya joined the PA Engineering College in Pollachi. Shankar also studied in this college. Born in a Dalit family, Shankar’s father C. Veluchami was a daily wage laborer and his mother had passed away.

Kaushalya and Shankar met for the first time in college itself. The next day Kaushalya was going to college by bus. Shankar was also in the same bus. He came close and proposed Kaushalya in the bus itself. Kaushalya rejected the proposal, but the two became friends. Slowly this friendship was turning into love.

Parents imposed restrictions, then Kaushalya decided to marry
After 6 months, Shankar proposed again. This time Kaushalya could not say no, because she too fell in love with Shankar. Day by day the color of their love was getting darker. Meanwhile, a relative spotted the two together and informed Kaushalya’s father P. Chinnasamy and mother Annalakshmi. After knowing the caste of Shankar, there was a lot of trouble in the house. Many restrictions were imposed on Kaushalya. Then Kaushalya decided to make Shankar as her life partner.

Shankar and Kaushalya after marriage.  Kaushalya went against her family and married Shankar.  This thing went to Kaushalya's parents exasperated.

Shankar and Kaushalya after marriage. Kaushalya went against her family and married Shankar. This thing went to Kaushalya’s parents exasperated.

First conspiracy, then bribery and later got murdered..
On July 12, 2015, Kaushalya went against her family and married Shankar. Friends suggested that both of them move out of the state, but they did not do so. There was no hindrance in Shankar’s studies, so Kaushalya left college and started working herself.

P. Chinnasamy first called Kaushalya home on the pretext of his father’s illness and then did not let him go back. Shankar filed a missing complaint against his wife. With the help of the police, Kaushalya was able to return to her husband. Chinnasamy offered Shankar 10 lakh rupees to end the relationship. Shankar turned down the offer. After this Chinnasamy hatched a conspiracy to kill both of them.

The marriage of Shankar and Kaushalya had completed 8 months. On the other hand, Shankar’s BTech studies were also about to be completed. Shankar was to attend the Farewell Party of the college. On March 13, 2016, Shankar and Kaushalya went to the Udumalai Patti market, from where Kaushalya bought a shirt for her husband to wear at the farewell. It was the afternoon time After shopping, both stood to cross the road at Udumalai Patti bus stand. Then 6 attackers came with ax and sickle and attacked both of them from behind.

Kaushalya first tried to save Shankar. The attackers also thrashed them badly. In the injured state, she kept on screaming to save Shankar. All this was happening in the middle of the road, but no one helped them. During the treatment, Kaushalya had to get 36 stitches on her head. According to the postmortem report, Shankar’s body was hit 34 times with an ax and sickle. The entire incident was captured in the CCTV footage installed on the road.

Kaushalya in a blue sari with her father P. Chinnasamy and mother.  The father had called Kaushalya from his in-laws' house on the pretext of Baba's illness.

Kaushalya in a blue sari with her father P. Chinnasamy and mother. The father had called Kaushalya from his in-laws’ house on the pretext of Baba’s illness.

Fought with parents to get justice for Shankar
About 20 days later, Kaushalya regained consciousness, when she was in the hospital. They were told that a passer-by had taken both of them to the hospital. Shankar had already died before he could come to the hospital. Kaushalya told the police that his father was responsible for Shankar’s murder. Investigation started. One attacker was caught. He also named Kaushalya’s parents in his confession. After this Chinnasamy and Annalakshmi were arrested by the police. A total of 11 people were tried for murder and under the ST-SC Act. The matter remained in the headlines. Kaushalya was the only main witness in this case, so her life was also in danger, but she was not scared. She fought to get justice for Shankar. Now he had become his own enemy.

Abandoning everything, the anti-racist fight was made a weapon
However, this road was not easy at all. After losing Shankar, Kaushalya’s world was ruined. She had forgotten to live. She cried, screamed, cried and made several attempts to kill herself. Shankar’s younger brother and friends took care of him. Helped to get out of shock. One day she got up. The long hair was cut and shortened. Bracelets, earrings, makeup were all discarded. Even stopped wearing her favorite bindi. Took an exam for a government job and became an officer. However, later he had to leave the government job.

Kaushalya with her wedding photo after Shankar's murder.  After Shankar's departure, Kaushalya became very lonely.  He also tried to commit suicide.

Kaushalya with her wedding photo after Shankar’s murder. After Shankar’s departure, Kaushalya became very lonely. He also tried to commit suicide.

‘Tirpur court applied ointment, High Court sprinkled salt’
On December 12, 2017, a local court in Tiruppur sentenced six convicts, including Kaushalya’s father, to death in the Shankar murder case. One convict was given life imprisonment and another 5 years in jail. At the same time, three including Kaushalya’s mother Annalakshmi, maternal uncle Pandi Thurai and a minor relative were acquitted. Two others received less punishment. This brought some consolation to Kaushalya and Shankar’s family, but Annalakshmi challenged the local court’s decision in the Madras High Court.

The High Court reversed the decision of the Tirupur court on June 22, 2020. The Madras High Court acquitted Kaushalya’s father, P. Chinnasamy, of all charges. Five other convicts, who were sentenced to death in the local court, were sentenced to life imprisonment. The punishment of the convicts who got life imprisonment and 5 years imprisonment was also reduced. Kaushalya was not satisfied with the High Court’s decision to acquit Chinnasamy. He challenged the High Court’s decision on September 6, 2020, in the Supreme Court. This matter is going on in the Supreme Court.

resettled home with shakti
Along with fighting for justice for Shankar, Kaushalya also waged a war against casteism. Today he is a well-known face of anti-caste campaigns in the state. The girl, who listened to romantic songs from morning till evening, is now surrounded by anti-caste books. Addresses meetings. Takes out anti-caste and religion rallies. In this fight, Shankar’s family supported him at every step. On December 9, 2018, Kaushalya got married to Parai (old form of drum) artist Shakti in the presence of Shankar’s father.

Kaushalya and foreign artist Shakti's wedding.  From the left in a light pink shirt, Shankar's father Veluchami blessed both of them.

Kaushalya and foreign artist Shakti’s wedding. From the left in a light pink shirt, Shankar’s father Veluchami blessed both of them.

Father-in-law again got daughter-in-law married
Shankar’s father told, ‘I consider Kaushalya as my daughter-in-law. Hindu organizations launched many campaigns to defame my daughter-in-law, pasted posters against her at various places. Lies were spread after Kaushalya got married to Shakti. It is said that Kaushalya left Shankar’s family in the greed of money and name, while the reality is not. How long would she spend her life alone? That’s why I stood with him to get him married again. He called me after the High Court’s decision came. Cried a lot Could barely silence him.,

Shankar has two younger brothers – Vigneshwaran and Yuvaraj. Vigneshwaran is doing LLB from Bangalore and Yuvraj is doing BSc from Computer Science. Yuvraj told, ‘Kaushalya sister-in-law got married for the second time. She shifted to Nilgiris. Despite this, she bears the entire cost of my and my brother’s education. Along with this, Shankar is fighting the battle to get justice for Bhaiya. My entire family is with him every step of the way.

The fifth installment of this series will come next Sunday, June 19. Stay tuned to read.

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