Steps for addicted cyclists in the red market, increasing the breath analyzer

Kolkata Police is going to take a big step. Coronavirus is now cycling in the city. But cycling under the influence of alcohol is forbidden. Earlier this list included cars and motorbikes. Bicycle was added there! If a cyclist rides a cycle while intoxicated, he will be caught. Police will be on the side of the road with breath analyzers to check whether the person is intoxicated or not.

Why is the bicycle attached? According to Kolkata Police sources, there have been more than one cycle accidents on the roads of the city in the past. Two cyclists died in two accidents in Chitpur and Thakurpukur. After this the police became unconscious. Investigation revealed that many cyclists were traveling under the influence of alcohol. This can lead to major accidents in the city. Therefore, Lalbazar directed that cyclists in the city should be tested with a breath analyzer at night. If any cyclist is caught in an intoxicated state, he has been asked to hand him over to the police.

Cycling on city streets has not been stopped since the lockdown. Cycling is being allowed for humanitarian reasons. And taking advantage of this opportunity, many people are wandering here and there intoxicated. Thus, there is a risk of road accidents. Therefore, as a precaution, the Kolkata Police has arranged for an investigation with a breath analyzer.

According to Lalbazar sources, the trend of cycling while intoxicated has increased. Several cyclists have also been caught. Those who were examined were found to be intoxicated. The breath analyzer is being disinfected by replacing the pipe after each use. This move comes when the trend continues to rise.