States ask US court to reinstate Facebook antitrust lawsuit

WASHINGTON: A group of states led by New York on Friday asked a US federal appeals court to reinstate an antitrust lawsuit filed against Facebook.

“Facebook is a monopolist that has exploited its enormous market power to crush competition. Through its ongoing conduct to ‘buy or bury’ nascent competitors, Facebook has maintained a monopoly that has limited access to its users and the public. causes massive damages,” attorneys for a large group of New York and other states asked the US Court of Appeals. for the District of Columbia to allow his trial to proceed.

Nearly 50 states argued that U.S. District Judge James Bosberg for the District of Columbia ruled that he had waited too long to file a lawsuit.

He argued that states are allowed to delay that private litigants are not. They also argued that if the court determines that they have waited too long, states are allowed to respect that others have not because of their role in protecting the public interest.

Bosberg also dismissed a related complaint from the Federal Trade Commission against Facebook in June, but allowed the agency to re-register the case. It did, and Bosberg said this week that the matter would be allowed to proceed.

The FTC and a large group of states filed separate lawsuits in 2020, accusing Facebook of breaking antitrust laws to keep smaller competitors at bay by cutting off rivals like Instagram and WhatsApp.

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