Staff shortage, baggage problem at London Airport; many flights canceled

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FILE – Passengers arrive at Gatwick Airport in London


  • In recent weeks, airport disruptions in the UK have affected thousands of passengers
  • Flight cancellations raise concerns of additional travel woes during the summer
  • Airlines and baggage-handling firms laying off employees during COVID19 scramble to increase numbers

London airport canceled several flights on Monday after technical issues affected the baggage system. Around 30 flights are reported to have been canceled at London’s Heathrow Airport, affecting 5,000 passengers. Media reports claimed that on Monday the airport had asked airlines to cut 10 per cent flights from the schedule of Terminals 2 and 3.

It said that the reduction in the number of flights will reduce the impact of technical issues.

British Airways, which operates from Terminals three and five at Heathrow, told the BBC it had made “a small number of cancellations” as a result of the airport’s request.

What’s happening at London Airport?

In recent weeks, airport disruptions and flight cancellations have affected thousands of travelers in the UK, raising concerns of an additional travel crisis during the summer.

Several flights were recently canceled due to staff shortages as the global aviation industry struggles to meet the resurgent demand for travel.

On Friday, London’s second-busiest airport said it would limit its daily number of flights to 825 in July and 850 in August, compared to 900 daily flights reported during the same period before the coronavirus pandemic. .

The airport said in a statement that the move will help passengers “experience a more reliable and better standard of service.”

“By taking decisive action now, we aim to help ground handlers—and our airlines—to better match their flight schedules with the resources they have available,” said Stewart Winget, chief executive of Gatwick.

Travelers have faced delays and cancellations as airports across Europe struggle to deal with staff shortages and skyrocketing demand for flights after two pandemic-hit years. Airlines and baggage-handling firms that have laid off employees during the pandemic are scrambling to raise the numbers again.

Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport has also reduced its flight schedule for July, saying a lack of security staff means it cannot cope with high demand as many families take to the skies for the first time. Because the coronavirus pandemic has subsided.

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