SS Rajamouli Shares His Vision For His Dream Mahabharata Project, And It’s Massive

SS Rajamouli is currently working on a film with Mahesh Babu.

SS Rajamouli is currently working on a film with Mahesh Babu.

SS Rajamouli said that we will make Mahabharata after 4-5 films.

Director SS Rajamouli, who made the entire nation proud after his film RRR won the Academy Award, has revealed his dream project. Recently, during a media interaction, the Baahubali director revealed some important details about Mahabharat as he always wanted to make it into a film. He revealed that he would make Mahabharata a 10-part film. He also said that the films he is currently making are an important step towards his dream project.

Rajamouli said that it would take him at least a year to go through and understand all the existing versions of Mahabharata in the country. If Rajamouli’s dream project Mahabharat materialises and turns into a series of 10 films, it will be a milestone in Indian cinema. However, he said that he is still not ready to make such a big film and will take up the project only when he feels ready for it. He also said that he will make 4-5 more films and then think of making Mahabharata.

Earlier during the promotion of RRR, Ram Charan had asked Rajamouli about his dream project Mahabharata. Rajamouli said, “The characters I write for my Mahabharata will not be like what you have seen or read before. I will narrate the Mahabharata in my own way. The Mahabharat (story) will be the same, but the characters will be extended and inter-relationships will be added between the characters.”

Currently, SS Rajamouli is planning his upcoming film which is tentatively titled SSMB29 with Mahesh Babu. As per reports, the massive workshops for the film will begin in late 2023. Rajamouli is conducting workshops for various departments which will last for six months. Reportedly, the unit will attend workshops on VFX composition, use of green carpets and other factors as there will be a lot of VFX in the film. It is also learned that the film will be made into a trilogy.

SS Rajamouli has directed some of the most popular pan-India movies like Baahubali and RRR. These films have not only become famous in India but have also gained recognition globally.

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