Spotify’s featured curator pilot introduces user-generated playlists on homepage

Only playlists from select users and influencers will appear on Spotify’s homepage.

Spotify already allows users to follow their favorite artists and the playlists they create.

Spotify is testing a new feature to “enlarge playlists” created by its listeners. The feature will essentially bring the ‘Featured Curators’ playlist to users’ homepages to help them discover new music. Spotify notes the new option is being tested in select markets without . Sharing many details. Additionally, playlists from only selected users and influencers will appear on the homepage of select customers based on their interactions with the app. In a blog post, the company says that the Featured Curators Pilot is a limited time trial that promotes popular user and influential playlists with its in-house playlists.

This isn’t the first time Spotify has been seen testing new features. The company has repeatedly stated before that some features are designed for testing purposes, and a wider rollout may depend on feedback from end users. Its blog post notes, “As we continue to workshop on the program during the trial period, we will be thoughtful about how we develop and innovate the experience”.

Currently, Spotify already allows users to follow their favorite artists and the playlists they create. It always helps users find new music or podcasts from the artists they follow. However, the new featured curator tool will help them find music from influencers or users they aren’t following.

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Meanwhile, the streaming giant also launched Blend last month to allow up to ten members to create a collaborative playlist. This can include songs from the past or any music that users want their friends and family to see as well. The company explains that users will receive a custom share card that they use to promote on social media after joining everyone’s collaborative playlist. These cards will allow you to see your listening preferences versus artist’s and are made for sharing directly to Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, or Twitter.

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