SpiceJet’s troubles continue, Dubai-Madurai flight delayed due to fault

SpiceJet flight from Dubai to Madurai was delayed due to nose wheel problem in Boeing B737 MAX aircraft. The incident marks at least the ninth technical failure of a SpiceJet aircraft in the last 24 days. After eight instances of technical issues with SpiceJet’s aircraft since June 19, the DGCA sent a show-cause notice to the airline on July 6. The oversight body for aviation claimed that the low-cost carrier had “failed” to establish reliable, efficient, and safe flight services.

DGCA officials said Boeing operates a Mangaluru-Dubai flight with the B737 MAX aircraft registration number VT-SZK. He said that after the plane landed, an engineer inspected the surroundings and found that the nose wheel strut was narrower than usual. Hence, the engineer decided to land the plane, the officials said.

He said the airline sent another flight from Mumbai to Dubai to operate the return Dubai-Madurai flight. When asked about the matter, a SpiceJet spokesperson said, “SpiceJet flight SG23 from Dubai to Madurai on July 11, 2022 was delayed due to last minute technical issue. The alternate flight was immediately delayed. Arrangements were made which brought the passengers back to India.”

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“Flight delays can happen with any airline. There are no incidents or safety concerns on this flight,” the spokesperson said.

With inputs from PTI