SpiceJet 9th incident of technical snag in 24 days: Nose wheel fault, Dubai-Madurai flight delayed

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SpiceJet’s Dubai-Madurai flight on Monday delayed its Boeing B737 MAX plane. The reason was a defect in the nose wheel of the plane. This is the ninth incident of a technical snag in a SpiceJet aircraft in the last 24 days. The DGCA had issued a show-cause notice to SpiceJet on July 6 after reaching eight technical glitches that began on June 19.

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flight engineer caught fault
DGCA officials said that the Boeing B737 MAX took off from Mangaluru-Dubai. He said that after the plane landed at the airport, an engineer inspected it and found that the nose wheel rod was more compressed than normal. So the engineer decided to land the plane.

Officials said – flight delay can happen from any airline
When asked about the matter, a SpiceJet spokesperson said that on July 11, SpiceJet flight SG23 from Dubai to Madurai was delayed due to a technical problem at the last moment. Alternate flights were arranged to bring the passengers back to India. The spokesperson said- flight delays can happen with any airline. It’s not an accident or an insecurity thing.

Incidents with SpiceJet so far

  1. On June 19, sparks started emanating from the left wing of a SpiceJet aircraft in Patna during take-off. After this, its emergency landing was made in Patna itself. In the initial investigation, a case of bird hit was revealed. There were 185 passengers on board the plane.
  2. On Saturday (July 2), SpiceJet flight number SG-2962 going from Delhi to Jabalpur was landed in Delhi. When smoke appeared in the cabin of the Delhi-Jabalpur flight, the plane was at an altitude of 5000 feet. Within minutes, smoke started filling the aircraft.
  3. The Delhi-Dubai flight had to land in Karachi. The emergency landing took place after the oil indicator fault was detected. The airline said in its statement – ​​Flight number SG-11 of SpiceJet B-737 was going from Delhi to Dubai. Another flight was sent to take the passengers to Dubai.​
  4. The plane had to make a priority landing in Mumbai after the windshield of the Kangra-Mumbai flight broke. According to the DGCA, there was a crack in the windshield of SpiceJet’s Q-400 aircraft at an altitude of 23 thousand feet. After this it was decided to land the Kandla-Mumbai flight immediately.
  5. The weather radar of a Boeing 737 freighter cargo plane bound for China has stopped working. The flight was going from Kolkata to Chongqing in China, but the plane was sent back to Kolkata after the weather radar failed. The airlines gave this information on the second day.

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