Special eco-friendly Ganesha idols arrive at Pune Handmade Papers | Pune News – Times of India

PUNE: National award winning vocalist Rahul Deshpande participated in the ‘paint your own papermache bappa’ initiative along with family members, including wife neha and daughter Renuka, at the Pune Handmade Papers today.
The initiative was undertaken by the Pune Handmade Papers, Art Pune Foundation and Pune Municipal Corporation. Over 600 students from various educational institutions participated in this ‘paint your own papermache bappa, which focuses on creating awareness about celebrating Ganeshotsav in an environmentally friendly way.
Brainchild of Mangesh Lohapatre from the Pune Handmade papers, these Ganesh idols are made out of 80% cotton paper pulp and 20 percent Shaadu Maati. This makes these idols lightweight, less fragile and easy to paint on with non-toxic water based colours.
“This will be a boon for all those who wish to celebrate the upcoming Ganesh Festival in an eco-friendly way. There has been a lot of awareness among the citizens about celebrating Ganeshotsav in an eco-friendly way and the sense of responsibility towards the protection of the environment has increased especially amongst the youth. The spontaneous participation of the youth in this activity is a good example. The sentiment of “I will do my best to save the earth” has stirred up today’s youth and it is admirable that it is associated with such an initiative,” opined Rahul Deshpande.
These eco-friendly Ganesh idols made from cotton-paper pulp are priced at Rs 1,250 onwards and are available at Pune Handmade Papers at Shivaji Nagar till August 31st along with the Ganesh Idols made from the use of Shadu Mati.