Sonakshi Sinha’s Brother Luv Slams Report Claiming He Skipped Her Wedding: ‘Need Better Sources’ – News18

Didi Luv Sinha attend Sonakshi Sinha's wedding?

Didi Luv Sinha attend Sonakshi Sinha’s wedding?

Luv Sinha hinted that he might have been present for his sister Sonakshi’s wedding ceremony.

Sonakshi Sinha’s brother, Luv Sinha, has slammed a media report claiming that he was absent from the actress’ wedding and reception ceremonies on July 23. He took to his Instagram Story and questioned the source of the report and said that they needed to find a better one.

Luv Sinha took to his Instagram Story to share a Hindustan Times report and wrote, “A ‘Source’. They need better sources.” The report in question claimed that Luv had skipped Sonakshi’s wedding and her wedding reception.

A Hindustan Times report had quoted a source as saying, “Sonakshi’s parents attended the wedding, and were naturally elated about the day. However, her brothers didn’t come to the wedding as well as the reception. The photographers didn’t spot the two entering the venue, till the very end. And everyone found it to be really weird.”

The portal had also reached out to Luv for a comment on the same and he told them, “Please give it a day or two. I’ll respond to your question then if I feel I can. Thank you for asking.” As per the report, Luv didn’t deny the rumours or avoid the question about his alleged absence.

Sonakshi got married to Zaheer Iqbal on Sunday, June 23. They hosted a civil marriage ceremony, which was attended by Shatrughan Sinha and Poonam Sinha. Sonakshi’s brothers Luv Sinha and Kussh S Sinha were visibly missing from the wedding photos. Luv had also shared cryptic posts that hinted that all was not good between him and Sonakshi.

Prior to the wedding, Shatrughan Sinha had also hinted that there were differences in the family. But it has been now resolved. Speaking to Times Now, Shatrughan Sinha said, “Too much attention is being given to something that is a private family matter. Shadiyan sab ke ghar hoti hain. Pre-wedding conflicts are also common. We are all okay now. Whatever the stress has been sorted,” he said and added, “Koi wand nahi hai. Yeh sab hota hi hai har shaadi main. Just because she is Shatrughan Sinha’s daughter, it doesn’t mean Sonakshi can’t have what she wants in life. Hum log bohot maza karenge June 23 ko.”

After the wedding, Shatrughan told the same outlet, “Every father waits for this moment when his daughter is given to her chosen groom. My daughter looks most happy with Zaheer. Unki jodi salamat rahe.” Shatrughan continued, “44 years ago, Shatrughan Sinha married a very successful, very beautiful, very talented girl of his choice, Poonam Sinha. Now it is Sonakshi’s turn to marry the boy of her choice.”