Someone spying on your iPhone? Here’s how to find out


New Delhi: Apple has launched a lawsuit against Pegasus spyware maker NSO Group to combat state-sponsored targeted surveillance and illegal spying on the iPhone. Apple also said that iPhone owners who may be victims of state-sponsored cyberattacks like Pegasus will be notified. These attacks are no different from traditional malware or spyware programs that spy on your personal information.

According to Apple, state-sponsored attacks involve the use of sophisticated surveillance tools targeted at specific individuals, such as journalists, activists, lawyers, and others. These attacks usually target a small number of people and affect a variety of platforms including iOS and Android.

How to check if someone is spying on your iPhone

Victims will receive alerts from Apple via email and iMessage notifications. A notification will be sent to the email address and phone number used to create the Apple ID. If you want to double-check yourself, go to “” and log in with your Apple ID credentials.

Apple will display a “Danger Notice” if any of your Apple devices associated with that Apple ID are compromised.

Apple is said to have warned six activists and researchers critical of Thailand’s government about the possibility of “state-sponsored attacks”. According to a Reuters investigation, “If your smartphone is hijacked by a state-sponsored attacker, they may be able to remotely access your private data, communications, or even your camera and microphone.” can.”

what you should remember

These threat notifications will never urge you to click any links, open files, install apps or profiles, or submit your Apple ID password or verification code over email or phone, according to Apple.

If you receive a threat message from Apple requesting your Apple ID information or instructing you to click on a link, it is likely a phishing scam. To further secure your Apple ID, always use two-factor authentication.

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