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Some Afghan girls return to school, some have to wait anxiously – World Latest News Headlines

Some Afghan girls returned to primary schools with gender-segregated classes on Saturday, but older girls had no clarity about whether they would be able to resume their studies at the secondary school level.

Most schools in the capital, Kabul, have been closed since the Taliban captured the city a month ago.

Taliban officials say they will not return to radical policies – including banning girls from receiving education – when they last ruled Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001.

They have now promised that girls will be able to study – but only in different classes.
Najeef, a teacher at a private school in Kabul with mixed classes before the Taliban takeover, said he had made changes to reopen.

“Girls study in the morning and boys in the afternoon,” she said. “Male teachers teach boys and female teachers teach girls.”

However, the school was uncertain for many other girls, who teach at both the primary and secondary levels.

on Friday Education Ministry said – Boys’ secondary schools will open soon, but did not mention girls.

“They are low on enthusiasm and are waiting for government announcements so that they can resume studies,” said Hadith Rezai, who teaches the school’s secondary level girl students.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid told the local Bakhtar news agency on Saturday that arrangements were being made to reopen girls’ secondary schools, but did not give a date.

“Girls education is deciding a generation. Boys’ education can affect a family but girls’ education affects the society,” said school principal Mohamedreza.

“We are monitoring this matter very closely so that the girls can resume their education and complete their studies.”


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