Six-year-old boy surprises his embarrassed mother with a V-sign during a birth game in elementary school – Henry’s Club

A boy startled his embarrassed mother by showing him the V-sign because she thought it would make her stop looking at him during a birth play in elementary school.

Nikki Tarney, 39, said her son Frankie, then six, was desperate to get off the stage playing one of the three wise men.

The schoolboy left the audience unaware of its meaning while making it feel like being in the limelight ‘under pressure’.

Miss Tarney inadvertently caught the moment on camera and, amid bouts of silent laughter, her father Steven turned to her to lower his hand.

The mother-in-law of both children said that some parents were shocked by her actions, but none of the Catholic school teachers noticed it.

She shared the image from Frankie’s 2019 nativity play after it popped up as ‘Memory’ on her Facebook page.

Frankie, now eight and then six, gestured to viewers unaware of its meaning (pictured above), while feeling ‘under pressure’ to be in the spotlight.

Nikki Tarney (pictured with Frankie), 39, who inadvertently captured the moment on camera, said her son was desperate to get off the stage playing one of the three wise men.

The now eight-year-old photo of Frankie has garnered over 11,000 likes, shares and comments since it was shared online.

Ms Tarney, from Littleborough, Greater Manchester, said: ‘He’s not a very social little boy, he likes his company.

‘He didn’t like being one of the main stars, he was used to sheep or donkeys.

‘After a song was over, all her nerves came to her – she thought people were watching her – I took out my camera and I just happened to catch it.

‘ I looked at him and thought “What has he just done?”. It wasn’t a quick V it was a very long drawn V like “don’t look at me”. He stayed there for a long time.

‘ I quickly scanned the room to see who was watching and he said “No, this is naughty, put your hand down”.

The nurse said: ‘I was embarrassed, you obviously don’t want your child to swear in front of everyone. This is a Catholic school and they are quite strict.

‘We saw some faces looking at me with open mouths ‘Has your child just done this?’ Some people didn’t notice because they were too busy to see their kids.

Ms Tarney, of Littleborough, Greater Manchester, points the finger of blame at daughter Sophia (both pictured with Frankie), then 10, to teach her the gesture

‘I couldn’t concentrate for the rest of the play, I was thinking ‘Please finish, hurry up and get her off the stage so I can tell her’. It felt like forever.

‘I think it was just pressure and embarrassment and that was the first thing that came to his mind. I’m glad he didn’t pull his pants down.

Ms Tarney, who lives with remarketing executive partner Graham Sunderland, 48, and daughter Sophia, 12, said she knew it was not an accidental peace sign, but a deliberate two-finger salute.

He attributed 10-year-old Sophia to teaching the gesture.

Ms Tarney said: ‘I remember saying “the ground will swallow me”. Some mothers started laughing when they saw me and their father Steve moving up and down.

The nurse (pictured above) said: ‘I was embarrassed, you obviously don’t want your child to swear in front of everyone. It’s a Catholic school and they’re very strict’

‘I didn’t want Frankie to see us – it would have caused an uproar if we kept looking at each other. I mentioned it to a teacher and she said she didn’t see anything.

Frankie now knows that the gesture is not meant to be shared at school and laughs when his mother shows him the photo.

Ms Tarney said: ‘I showed it to Frankie on Tuesday and he was laughing because now he knows how naughty it is.’

She shared the picture online with the caption: ‘Don’t they just make you proud.’

Social media users found the snap hilarious, recalling that their kids were drawn to similar antics.

One wrote: ‘A wise man indeed’, while the other commented: ‘This is a comedy gold classic, what a photo.’

A third added: ‘This has made my morning!’, and a fourth added: ‘You have to keep that picture until he turns 18.’