Singer Roopankar Bagchi again trolled for apologizing in KK controversy

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Many trolled Roopankar for his 'crocodile tears' and 'scripted apology'.

Many trolled Roopankar for his ‘crocodile tears’ and ‘scripted apology’.

Roopankar was mercilessly trolled for criticizing Bollywood singer KK, who passed away recently in Kolkata, hours before his death.

It seems that the havoc of Bengali singer Roopankar Bagchi is not over yet. Bagchi, who faced severe backlash for his derogatory remarks on the popular Bollywood Hours before his death, singer Keke attempted to placate critics by apologizing for his comments. He addressed a press conference in Kolkata on 3 June and was accompanied by his wife Chaitali. In the press conference, Roopankar first expressed his condolences to KK’s family. He also said that he had removed the controversial Facebook Live video in which he insulted the late singer. He said that he had no personal grudge against KK, but he had not been able to express himself properly and was misinterpreted.

Roopankar said all he wanted to say was that Bengali audiences should rally behind Bengali musicians in the same way they show interest in concerts by artists from Mumbai. He also mentioned how his severe criticism and reaction has affected him and his wife mentally and emotionally. “I am getting phone calls and physical threats outside and even my life is in danger on social media,” he told reporters at the Kolkata Press Club.

However, his escape attempt backfired as he was reading out his entire speech from a piece of paper, which did not go down well with KK’s fans. Most of them were of the opinion that a true apology that comes from the heart need not be read from a piece of paper. Several users on social media alleged that he was not apologizing from the heart, but was trying to save his image. Many trolled Roopankar for his ‘crocodile tears’ and ‘scripted apology’.

Meanwhile, hashtags like Boycott Rupankar Bagchi and Shameless Rupankar Bagchi are still trending on social media.

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