Sidhu is the only ‘Sardar’ in the government: After AG in Punjab, he considered ‘Guru’ only after removing the DGP; Chief Minister Channi is getting severe tremors

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Along with the organization in Punjab, Sidhu is also the ‘Sardar’ in the government. The major reason for this is the bowing down of Navjot Sidhu from the government to the Congress high command. Sidhu first got Advocate General APS Deol removed. After this, now Iqbalpreet Sahota was also removed. Not only this, Sidhu also got Advocate DS Patwalia as AG and Siddharth Chattopadhyay as DGP of his choice.

However, before the elections, CM Charanjit Channi Sidhu is giving shocks. He was adamant about the appointment of first AG and then DGP, but in the end Sidhu overshadowed him. Especially, in the case of DGP, he could not stay till the meeting convened after 4 days to send the panel of UPSC.

Sidhu’s strength became Congress’s trouble

The sharp words due to which Congress made Sidhu even the President of Punjab Congress, the same has become the cause of fear of the party. Whatever the Congress party does to him, he tells it to the media. Be it the appointment of Advocate General or Iqbalpreet Sahota to the post of DGP, Sidhu openly criticized it. Both were criticized from media to social media and rallies. Instead of Sidhu’s district head, Congress appointed district co-ordinators, then he again expressed helplessness in the rally. This led to criticism of the party and the government, so the high command had to issue the list immediately.

Seeing the electoral compulsion of Congress, CM Channi has to listen and bear everything Sidhu says.

Seeing the electoral compulsion of Congress, CM Channi has to listen and bear everything Sidhu says.

Attempts to suppress Sidhu failed

Congress is also constantly trying to suppress Sidhu. For this the list of their district heads was stopped. Attempts were made to stop his interference in the government. When Sidhu resigned in protest against the appointment of AG and DGP, the high command did not try to persuade, but the Congress still could not suppress Sidhu. Sidhu is definitely taking care that he can do whatever he wants with the government and organization in Punjab, but does not offend the high command and especially Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi.

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Congress’s SC card may fail

Congress’s SC card may fail due to Sidhu’s attitude. Considering Punjab has 32% SC vote bank, Congress gave Punjab its first SC CM in the form of Charanjit Channi. However, the government is troubled by Sidhu’s pressure. Sidhu is calling the decisions of CM Channi from lollipops to knives. Now the removal of SC Sikh face Iqbalpreet Sahota is also becoming a political issue.

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