Shortage Of Drugs Hits Govt Clinics In K’buragi Dist | Hubballi News – Times of India

KALABURAGI: Government health centres in Kalaburagi district are facing a shortage of essentails drugs such as paracetamol and diclofenac.
The shortage is being blamed on a delay in the tendering process to procure the tablets.
Doctors have started telling patients to buy all such medicines from private medical shops.
Government drug warehouses are supposed to stock 452 types of medicines but in Kalaburagi district, the health centres have only 213 kinds of medicines.
Some of the government clinics have 55mg paracetamol injections but no tablets, which are easier to consume.
Dr. Rajashekhar Mali, who is in charge of drug stocks, said: “In the last few months, we have been facing a shortage of these drugs but we somehow managed it. Now, the government will give funds to purchase medicines locally to every health centre’s doctors. We will call a tender and purchase medicines that will be stored in the district drug warehouse.”