Shoorveer: Hotstar announces new special, director Kanishk Verma calls it ‘one of the toughest shows’

Can the most promising and strongest officers of the Air Force, Navy and Army come together to save our country from an imminent threat? Disney+ hoster brings you Elite Task Force – the best of India’s top defining forces in its upcoming high octane action drama, Hotstar Special ‘Shower. Produced by Juggernaut Productions and produced by Samar Khan and directed by Kanishk Verma, the fictional series will be available exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar in Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Bengali.

An ensemble cast of Makrand Deshpande, Manish Choudhary, Regina Cassandra, Armaan Ralhan, Adil Khan, Abhishek Saha, Anjali Barot, Kuldeep Sarin, Arif Zakaria, Faisal Rashid, Sahil Mehta and Shivya Pathani, a story of stealth operations, intense military training It depicts aerial warfare and the betrayal of intelligence, and above all the human relations between our elite soldiers.

Director Kanishk Verma said, “In Shoorveer, versatile actors come together to lend their unique acting mix. It has been an amazing journey to direct this talented artiste. When you see stalwarts like Makrand Deshpande and Manish Choudhary in action. You see the magic right in front of your eyes when you watch your part after sloganeering.Working with Disney+ Hotstar has been an amazing journey and they have given all the support needed to bring it together.It’s one of the toughest shows out there. But watching it together on screen has been a really satisfying experience. The highlight of the show is its aerial combat sequences that have never been seen on Indian screens.”

Veteran actor Makrand Deshpande said, “Shoorveer brings together the best of the Army, Navy and Air Force which made me interested in the story. Manish Chaudhary and my character is to make this team the best defense force India And keep them as our first line of defense. It was an amazing journey to explore and learn from all the talented actors while filming the series. I am really thrilled for the release of the series on Disney+ Hotstar as it gives us the opportunity to reach a wider audience across the globe. ,

Tune into Disney+ Hotstar to watch Shoorveer, the nation’s elite task force to save the country from its imminent menace.

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