Shocking! Man sets 19-year-old woman afire for pressuring him to marry

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Image source: pixabay shocking! Man sets 19-year-old woman on fire for pressuring her to marry

shocking: A 21-year-old man set a 19-year-old woman on fire for pressuring her to marry him. The incident took place in Coimbatore on Wednesday. The victim died today due to scorching. According to the police, the girl was torturing the boy for marriage and in a fit of rage, the young man set her on fire.

both fell in love

According to the police, the girl died of burns today. Both were residents of Palladam in Tiruppur district. Police said she fell in love with a neighbor’s man and started pressuring him to marry her, so he started avoiding her.

that person was also hospitalized

Both met at a deserted place on Wednesday and she started pressing for marriage. This enraged him so much that he set the woman on fire, police said. When she kept screaming in pain, the passers-by informed the police. Police said that he was later taken to the hospital where he died.

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