Shocking ! Man Installs Shower On Motorbike to Beat Blazing Hot Weather; Video Viral

India experiences unflinching harsh weather conditions with temperatures reaching above 45 degrees in several cities resulting in life-threatening outcomes. Amid the guidelines issued by the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) for people to stay safe and avoid going out in the sun especially in noon hours, a video of a man went viral on the internet showing his innovative plan to face the sun.

Recently a video went viral on the internet showing a man with a backup solution to beat the temperature. The man rode out on his vehicle with a temporary shower installed. Netizens are loving the viral video.


Watch The Video Here:

In the video, the man is seen on his scooter wet with a makeshift shower installed. The video records him enjoying the idea and technique to skip out in blazing temperature.

As the man rode out in a public area, the People around were seen entertained by the event while many of them recorded the shower man on their mobile phones.

The Video was aired on several media sites. It was posted on Instagram by fun.with.singh with the caption, “Go Garmi” and it went viral on the internet within a few days.

Netizens have dropped over ninety thousand likes while over ten thousand comments on the post. The online users were influenced by the event and shared their emotions on the video through numerous comments and emojis, especially laughing ones.

One of the users commented, “Very Good” after seeing the video.

Another user was truly impressed by the technique and thereafter commented, “This is a really wonderful idea to remove heat.”

One netizen said, “Will at least he has a solution to the problem”

Many of the social media users were dropping laughter emojis as they found the video extremely funny.