Shock to gangster Jaggu Bhagwanpuria: High Court dismissed the petition, mother had asked for bulletproof jacket and car

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Jaggu Bhagwanpuria, lodged in Delhi’s Tihar Jail, has received a setback from the Punjab and Haryana High Court. The High Court has dismissed her mother’s petition. Bhagwanpuria’s mother had filed a petition in the High Court, asking that a bulletproof jacket and vehicle should be provided when Jaggu is brought out of jail. The High Court said in this case that Jaggu Bhagwanpuria is lodged in Tihar Jail, so he should file a petition in the court in Delhi.

Name came in Musewala murder case

Jaggu Bhagwanpuria’s name is coming up in the murder of Punjabi singer Sidhu Musewala. Some time ago, the Special Cell of Delhi Police had caught gangster Shahrukh, who was rewarded with a prize of 2 lakhs. He had said that Jaggu Bhagwanpuria is also involved with gangster Lawrence in the conspiracy to kill Moosewala.

Bhagwanpuria suspected of murder

Jaggu Bhagwanpuria fears that he may be murdered if he is brought out of Tihar Jail. It is also suspected of having an encounter with the Punjab Police. For this reason his mother had reached the Punjab and Haryana High Court. After the name comes in the discussion in the Moosewala murder case, the Punjab Police can bring him on a production warrant and interrogate him.

Lawrence’s petition has also been dismissed

Gangster Lawrence had filed a petition in the Punjab and Haryana High Court. It said that Punjab Police can do an encounter with him. Therefore, production warrant should not be given to bring him to Punjab. In response to this, the Punjab government said that neither his name is mentioned in the FIR nor his production warrant has been sought. The High Court did not consider the petition as mature and dismissed it as baseless.

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