Shkreli ordered to return 64 million US dollars, banned from the drug industry

New York, Jan 14 (AP) A federal judge on Friday ordered Martin Shkreli to refund US$64.6 million for the life-saving drug Daraprim, barring him from participating in the pharmaceutical industry. rest of his life. US District Judge Dennis Coates’ decision comes several weeks after a seven-day bench trial in December. The Federal Trade Commission and seven states brought a case in 2020 against the man, who was dubbed in the media as Pharma Bro. Shkreli was CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, later Vera when it raised the price of Daraprim. It treats a rare parasitic disease that affects pregnant women, cancer patients and AIDS patients.

He defended the decision as capitalism at work, saying that insurance and other programs ensure that those who need the Daraprim will eventually get it. But the move sparked outrage from medical centers on the 2016 presidential campaign trail, where Hillary Clinton dubbed it a price-boost and future President Donald Trump called Shkreli a spoiled brat. (AP).

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