Sharp words of Congress MP Ravneet Bittu: On election defeat, donkeys killed lions, our misguided missile destroyed the party

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  • Navjot Sidhu | Punjab Congress MP Ravneet Bittu on Charanjit Channi and Captain Amarinder Singh

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The pain of Congress leaders over the electoral defeat in Punjab is not decreasing. Now Ludhiana MP Ravneet Bittu has fiercely reprimanded the party leaders. From Navjot Sidhu to Charanjit Channi, he targeted fiercely in gestures. At the same time, those who opposed Captain Amarinder Singh were also not spared. Bittu, however, gave a clean chit to the Congress high command and said that it was not his fault. Bittu said that donkeys killed lions. Missguided missile destroyed the party.

Congress fought in Punjab under the leadership of Channi and Sidhu

Congress fought in Punjab under the leadership of Channi and Sidhu

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  • The wind came out of the people who became Gabbar: Ravneet Bittu said that some used to say that if you do this to me, then I will do it like this. Who had become Gabbar Singh, the election went out of everyone’s air. The party also understood that they were wrongly trusted. This talk of Bittu is being seen by linking it to Charanjit Channi and Navjot Sidhu.
  • Donkeys killed lions: It was once heard that jackals hunted a lion. Here, lions were killed by donkeys. Those whom the high command gave the responsibility, they could not do anything.
  • Everyone is suffering: Bittu said that only we used to say that remove it or else we will not be able to go to our assembly constituency. If you make this, you will say that people’s lines will be formed. We have made a mistake and we are suffering. This talk of Bittu is being seen by linking it with the Congress MLAs and candidates who are opposing Captain Amarinder Singh.
  • Missguided missile destroyed the house: MP Bittu said that a few days ago a missguided missile had hit Pakistan. In the same way, a missile destroyed our own house here too. Why should we blame anyone?, Our main missile destroyed us.

Bittu in the race of Congress President, after 2 years, the concern of Loksabha elections
Ludhiana MP Ravneet Singh Bittu is in the race for the post of Punjab Congress chief. The state committee of Congress has recommended him along with the remaining three names. At the same time, after the crushing defeat in the assembly, Bittu is worried about the Lok Sabha elections to be held in 2024. If the Congress does not recover in Punjab, then there will be a loss even at that time and due to which Bittu is also in danger of losing the election.

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