Shantipur heats up on taking drinking water, bombing continues, police lathi charge

Turmoil in the debate of the Prophet. Meanwhile, a fire broke out in a clash between two groups in Tengri Danga Mediapara area of ​​Gayeshpur gram panchayat of Shantipur police station in Nadia. The heavy bricks that started from the skirmishes, even the bombardment did not leave. The situation got so heated that the police finally lobbed tear gas shells and used sticks to control the situation. A fight broke out between two groups over drinking water.

According to police sources, a fight broke out between the women this morning over taking water from the tap. The dispute between the two groups is going on for a long time over drinking water. Today the conflict between the two factions has reached its peak. First there was a fight, then the quarrel turned into a scuffle. After that bricks started raining between the two factions at the ground level. The bombing continues unabated. On receiving the news, the big police of Shantipur police station reached the spot. Ranaghat subdivision SDPO reached the spot. Four policemen were injured in the bombing and the rain of bricks.

Police went to the spot and fired tear gas shells to bring the situation under control. Thereafter the police started beating and arresting them with the intention of dispersing them. The police have already arrested 20 people in this incident. Several fresh bombs have been recovered from the spot. Heavy police force is patrolling the area. The whole area is still hot due to the incident. Police are trying to find out what is the reason behind this incident and who is behind this bomb blast.