#ShameOnKumarVishwas: Kumar Vishwas Trolled For Calling RSS ‘Illiterate’, BJP Says ‘Perform Ram Katha But Dont Give Certificate’

New Delhi: Popular poet and politician Dr Kumar Vishwas has landed in a controversy for allegedly calling the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Swayamsevak Sangh – the BJP’s ideological parent body – ‘illiterate’ and questioning their understanding of ‘Ram Rajya’. Kumar Vishwas made controversial remarks about the Sangh Parivar during a “Ram Katha” organized by the Culture Department of Madhya Pradesh. The popular poet is now being heavily trolled for his remarks on the RSS and leaders of the saffron party have now demanded an apology from him over the issue, failing which he will be barred from attending or participating in any cultural event in the BJP. Shall not be allowed – State.

Why is Kumar Vishwas being trolled?

The popular poet, who has been targeted by right-wing forces on Twitter, was narrating an incident about “Ram Rajya” and taxation from ancient times. Referring to an incident, Vishwas said that today two factions are fighting in the country – one is the RSS, who do not know anything, they are illiterate and the other is the Left, who are ‘misinformed’.

Taking a jibe at the RSS, Vishwas further said that “there are people who have not read the Vedas at all, but often preach on the ancient holy texts.

A video of Kumar Vishwas making the remark soon went viral on Twitter and garnered over 20,000 tweets, with most users trolling him for targeting Sanghi and his half-knowledge.

BJP Slams Kumar Vishwas

Madhya Pradesh BJP leaders have vehemently attacked the poet, accusing him of making derogatory remarks on the RSS and said that he had come to Madhya Pradesh to do Ram Katha, so he should do so and need to give a certificate about it. Not there. Sangh Parivar.

Former President of Ujjain Municipal Corporation Sonu Gehlot has warned that if Kumar does not apologize to Vishwas Manch, he will not be allowed to hold any program in Ujjain.

It may be known that MP Culture Department is organizing Vikramotsav program in the holy city of Ujjain. Many top ministers and MPs of the state are participating in this program and thousands of people are coming to listen to Ram Katha from spiritual leaders and speakers.

Kumar Vishwas issued clarification

Kumar Vishwas, who was at the center of this controversy, has now released a video clarifying that his comment was not about the RSS. In the video, he said that he was referring to a teenager working in his office and asked some questions about what the budget should be like. Vishwas further said that to drive home his point, he cited the example of “Ramayana” citing a conversation between Lord Rama and his younger brother Bharata, who was the then ruler of Ayodhya.