‘Shakuni’ of Maharashtra Politics; BJP Leader Gopinath Padalkar Warns Uddhav Thackeray Against NCP Chief

New Delhi: BJP leader and member of Maharashtra State Legislative Council Gopichand Padalkar has warned about NCP chief Sharad Pawar referring to Uddhav Thackeray as ‘Shakuni’, the infamous character from Mahabharata. Padalkar said that by the time Uddhav comes to know what ‘Shakuni’ Pawar is doing, all his supporters except his son will desert him. Gopichand said, “I have warned Uddhav Thackeray against Sharad Pawar through my tweet. You cannot trust him at all. He betrayed Congress leader Vasantdada Patil and became the CM of Maharashtra. See what he did with Ajit Pawar.” What did you do, ask them to take oath?” Devendra Fadnavis as Deputy CM of Maharashtra in the cabinet, and what happened then is known to all,” according to the report.

Gopichand Padalkar in his recent tweet said, “Until Ubhata party chief understands ‘Shakuni Kaka’, his party can be left with only fathers and daughters!” Padalkar further said that if Uddhav Thackeray keeps listening to Pawar, his party will fall further.

According to media reports, Gopichand also said that, ‘Pawar has always used Congress for his purpose. His party neither has any ideology nor any stand. The NCP is a party of some industrialists who have got a strong hold in some areas of Maharashtra.” Anand Dubey, a spokesperson for Uddhav Thackeray’s side, criticized Padalkar and said, “Shakuni was always with the Kauravas as they were outnumbered. The party which has got more numbers in the politics of Maharashtra state is the party of Kauravas and Shakuni is with them. We are fighting our battle and stand firmly with Uddhav Thackeray. BJP should see what is happening in their party. Maha Vikas Aghadi is determined and will continue its fight against BJP.

Padalkar has attacked Sharad Pawar earlier also. He claimed that Pawar has opposed SC and ST reservation in Maharashtra for a long time and those opposing Dhangar reservation in the state are associated with Pawar.

Padalkar contested the 2019 state assembly elections before becoming a member of the Legislative Council and lost to Sharad Pawar’s nephew Ajit Pawar.