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Sewing Machine Industry Loss Crores Due To Taliban: Orders Stopped In Ludhiana; China’s White Machine also affected business, issue also raised in Parliament

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The occupation of Afghanistan by the Taliban has started affecting the sewing machine industry as well. Due to this the sewing machine industry has lost crores of rupees. The situation is that the order coming from there every year is no longer coming and traders are worried about it. The second biggest impact has also been made by the third possible wave of Corona. In the last parliamentary session also, the issue of loss to traders has been raised, but it has not been resolved yet. Traders are constantly demanding relief from the government.

Jagbir Singh Sokhi, head of the Sewing Machine Industry Association of Ludhiana, says that during this time when the festival is about to arrive, traders from Afghanistan come here to buy sewing machines. They buy the sewing machine and its parts on cash and go back. Apart from this, every year 1.5 lakh machines are traded from Afghanistan alone through Pakistan or Dubai through their local trader. Due to this the industry is facing losses of crores. Jagbir Singh Sokhi himself also makes sewing machines. He says not many of his own customers have come this year.

In a phone conversation, Sokhi said that it is not yet known what is the future of Afghanistan. People are hungry for food. In such a situation, they do not pay attention to the need of clothes. So just have to wait. Sokhi says that business is already at a standstill due to the first and second wave of Corona. Meanwhile, due to the closure of business in Afghanistan, its effect may increase further.

China’s white machine has also made an impact
Sokhi says that white color machines are being made by China, which are low in quality, but their value is also low. This has had an impact on his industry. He says that he has been demanding for a long time that a cluster should be formed soon and research should be done there. Now the building is ready, so it can be expected that work will also start there. Even if we manage to beat that, there may be a chance to emerge from the recession.

The issue has also been raised in Parliament
This issue has also come up in this parliamentary session. In response to a question, before answering on behalf of the MSME department, our industry was asked how much loss they have suffered. Emergency crediting guarantee line was opened during the first wave. Even now he has demanded it. But it doesn’t seem to be useful. He is demanding from the government that the government should pay attention to him so that the sinking industry can be saved.

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