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The most expensive places to buy property have been revealed around mainland Britain’s coastline, at a time when getting closer to the sea has become popular due to the pandemic.

The three most expensive places in each county have been identified along the beach. mail online property Exclusively by property agency Savills.

West Sussex leads the ranking with two seaside villages that have an average house price of over £1 million, West Eichner, with an average £1,353,615 price tag, and Kingston, where homes average £1,169,465.

Image: Map showing the top 10 most expensive coastal areas on mainland Britain

The coastal location with the most expensive average house prices on mainland UK is West Itchener in West Sussex

The coastal location with the most expensive average house prices on mainland UK is West Itchener in West Sussex

Coastal locations in West Sussex have invaluable average property prices during the past five years.

Because transactions are less frequent in seaside locations, the property agent removed any fields of data where there were fewer than 20 sales during the period.

This means that not all counties have the top three listed. Three locations in each county are also not always listed where the coastline is relatively small for a county.

What characterizes your local seaside area? Scroll down for the complete list.

The data was compiled over five years to 21 May, and covered coastlines in England, Scotland and Wales.

The coastal location with the most expensive median home prices meeting the data criteria was West Eichner in West Sussex.

Sevilles said the average home price in the village – with their research based on land registry sales data – is £1,353,615.

This means that a house in West Itchener is five and a half times more expensive than the average price of a house in the UK.

Home buyers closer to the coast can expect to pay odds for the profit.

Francis Cleese – Sevilles

The latest figures from the Nationwide Building Society show that the average price in the UK is £248,857.

The second most expensive place by the sea is Kingston in West Sussex, where the median home value also reaches seven figures at £1,169,465.

The top 10 most expensive coastal locations include Burnham Overy in Norfolk, where the average home price is £835,748, Mawgan-in-Pieder in Cornwall at £726,883, as well as Salcombe in Devon where the average price is £726,379.

Francis Cleese of Seville said: ‘Over the past 18 months, some of the most popular and sought-after properties have been off the UK coast.

‘But, home buyers closer to the coast can expect to pay the odds for a profit.

‘In England and Wales the price of a second property located within 100 meters of a coastline is on average 23.1 per cent higher than those located 1 km further inland, an increase of 17.3 per cent recorded a year earlier.

‘The premium can also be quite high for a front line position with a direct view of the water.’

The average price for a house in Salcombe, Devon, (pictured) is 726,379.

Top 10 seaside locations: The average price for a property in Salcombe, Devon (pictured) is £726,379

it’s different This week’s research reveals Britain’s ideal home There is a separate property in the seaside village.

Rightmove’s findings found that after putting all the most popular elements together, a British buyer’s dream home is a four-bedroom detached property in a coastal village.

The research asked 2,023 people who viewed property online in August what kind of property their dream home would be.

It showed that the country’s dream home is in a small, friendly community, but it is also different. This means buyers can avoid having neighbors close by as well.

County-by-County Guide to the Most Expensive Seaside Locations
Name County Average second hand sale price, 5 years May-21 . From
kinkorth/nig/cove aberdeen city £165,257
George St/Harbour aberdeen city £119,816
Stonehaven and Lower Deeside aberdeenshire £237,182
north kincardin aberdeenshire £227,351
idiots aberdeenshire £206,901
Monfieth and Sidlaw Angus £209,834
carnoustie and district Angus £174,168
Arbroth West, Latham and Frockheim Angus £156,653
Oban North and Lorne Argyll and Bute £210,259
Oban South End Islands Argyll and Bute £179,479
Kintyre and the Islands Argyll and Bute £168,547
convay clyde £217,357
roses on the sea clyde £195,607
Lavish clyde £191,064
Maughan-in-Piedro cornwall £726,883
St. Anthony-in-Menez cornwall £602,929
St. Marini cornwall £568,382
hartlepool County Durham £128,225
siham County Durham £123,769
Taste County Durham £103,817
aldingham cumbria £268,034
bootle cumbria £172,634
Seascale cumbria £155,071
salcombe Devon £726,379
elderberry Devon £642,055
georgeham Devon £532,885
Christchurch Dorset (County) £387,610
pool Dorset (County) £374,183
lime regis Dorset (County) £372,592
Dee and Glenkens Dumfries and Galloway £184,079
Mid Galloway and Wigtown West Dumfries and Galloway £125,635
Straner and Rhines Dumfries and Galloway £123,500
yacht stick £211,428
East End stick £106,728
solva Dead £285,432
saundersfoot Dead £273,258
penbrain Dead £266,389
North Berwick Coast East Lothian £386,747
Dunbar and East Linton East Lothian £244,234
Preston, Seton and Gosford East Lothian £194,958
Hornsey East Riding of Yorkshire £173,877
bridlington East Riding of Yorkshire £150,249
dryness East Riding of Yorkshire £112,056
Almond Edinburgh £273,389
Portobello/Craigmiller Edinburgh £234,468
ahead Edinburgh £227,070
north elasticity western islands £127,984
Harris and South Lochs western islands £127,351
Point District western islands £125,726
leh-on-sea Essex £415,395
West Murcia Essex £371,127
southend-on-sea Essex £305,395
St Andrews Fife £333,098
East Nuke and Landward Fife £242,865
or bridgehead Fife £194,893
lalengan guenado £418,260
lanfalog guenado £322,470
Cadnant Valley guenado £302,428
Milford on the Sea hampshire £530,630
Hamble-le-Rice hampshire £360,754
fareham hampshire £326,402
black island more £231,110
ilean cho more £201,997
Caol and Mallaig more £198,973
fish borne Isle of Wight £500,699
bembridge Isle of Wight £389,514
shelfleet Isle of Wight £384,190
Ringwald with Kingsdown I sing £430,536
Worth I sing £419,993
St. Margaret in the Rock I sing £419,712
wire lancashire £171,480
pre Sales lancashire £167,690
Lancaster lancashire £165,787
enderby lincolnshire £185,924
Mabblethorpe and Sutton lincolnshire £158,103
Skegness lincolnshire £157,821
hightown Merseyside £296,625
Mouth middle glamorgan £238,273
fochbars lhanbreede more £174,694
foreshadowing more £172,338
Heldon and Lyco more £161,366
burnham ovary norfolk £835,748
broncaster norfolk £679,535
blakeney norfolk £609,674
Ardrosson and Erano North Ayrshire £162,106
Dalry and West Kilbride North Ayrshire £146,638
salt coat North Ayrshire £102,354
For north yorkshire £394,917
filingdales north yorkshire £303,876
well hamper north yorkshire £195,826
Craster northumberland £344,258
newton-by-the-sea northumberland £341,350
creswell northumberland £307,629
East Mainland, South Ronaldsay and Burey orkney archipelago £181,472
west mainland orkney archipelago £176,320
Kirkwall East orkney archipelago £160,313
East Berwickshire Scottish Borders £199,358
Lerwick South Shetland Islands £197,132
shetland west Shetland Islands £168,139
Shetland Central Shetland Islands £163,386
Shetland South Shetland Islands £161,830
portishade reverse £355,404
porlock reverse £316,559
clevedon reverse £315,078
air waste South Ayrshire £203,017
tron South Ayrshire £177,451
Prestwick South Ayrshire £158,565
penarth South Glamorgan £322,169
Sully and Lavernock South Glamorgan £292,340
barry South Glamorgan £174,538
southwold Suffolk £569,068
aldeburghe Suffolk £531,875
aldringham cum thorpe Suffolk £448,970
thunder West Glamorgan £300,138
bishopston West Glamorgan £290,236
West Itchenor West Sussex £1,353,615
quintal West Sussex £1,169,465
birdham West Sussex £674,227
Source: Sevilles