Seven killed in helicopter crash in Italy’s Monte Cusna – Henry Club

According to the National Alpine Cliff and Cave Rescue Corps (CNSAS), five bodies were initially found, but the bodies of two others on board were found later on Saturday.

“The helicopter, which had been missing since Thursday 9 June, took off from Lucca airport with seven people and was found completely destroyed on Mount Kusna today,” the agency said.

The remains were found on Monte Cusna in the Apennines, in the northern region of Emilia-Romagna, a few kilometers from Tuscany.

After 3 p.m. local time (9 a.m.), CNSAS tweeted that unfortunately no one survived.

The victims are pilots from the Veneto region and six passengers, four of Turkish nationality and two of Lebanese nationality, were on business trips to Italy. The official confirmation was given by the province of Modena, CNN affiliate SkyTG24 reported on Saturday.

As Sky TG24 reports, the helicopter appears to have crashed into the bed of the llama, a stream in Paso degli Scaloni, 1,922 meters above sea level.

Italy’s national flight safety agency said on Saturday it had launched an investigation and sent an investigator to the crash site, which included an A119 Koala helicopter, the agency said.

The rescue operation was carried out by personnel from the CNSAS, the Italian Fire Brigade and the Italian Police and Air Force.

“We got some coordinates, we went to the place and found that everything was burnt. The helicopter is inside a valley, near a stream, we are trying to get all the rescuers to that area on foot as it is difficult to reach there with a winch,” a soldier said in a video on Saturday. Posted on the verified Twitter profile of the Italian Air Force.