Seoul City Government to Build Seoul Arena, a Dedicated Venue for K-Pop Events

Considering the rise of Korean pop culture on the global stage, the Seoul Metropolitan Government reportedly announced the creation of a new arena in the South Korean capital dedicated to K-pop. According to a recent report by Pulse News, the Seoul Metropolitan Government said that it signed an agreement with South Korean Internet company Kakao on the operation and maintenance of the Seoul Arena, which is to be constructed in northern Seoul.

The dedicated K-pop stadium will reportedly open in 2025 and will be a venue for music, especially K-pop, run with private funding, amounting to 312 billion won (about Rs 1,930 crore). The production of the upcoming K-pop arena will begin in June of this year. Once ready to host K-pop events, the stadium promises to seat more than 18,000, with a capacity of 28,000 people, The Korea Herald reports. The report said the Seoul Arena will also feature a medium-sized performance venue with a capacity of 7,000 people, a movie theater and other commercial facilities.

According to Pulse News, the Seoul Arena will be constructed on an area of ​​50,000 square meters and will have six floors above ground and two floors underground. The stadium will have a concert hall, seat concert hall, seven movie theaters with a combined 1,001 seats, and other shops. The report also states that the Seoul Arena venue will include futuristic technology with features such as augmented reality and other latest technologies for the “best of music experience”. It has been reported that the dedicated K-pop venue will also offer digitally enhanced services such as live streaming of concerts, according to the Seoul city government. In addition to having a dedicated entertainment area, the Seoul Arena will also host indoor games and games, Pulse News reports.

As a major investor in the project, Kakao will be in charge of operation and maintenance of the Seoul Arena for three decades after its opening, while the venue will be owned by the Seoul city government, Pulse News reports.

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