Security Breach in Hyderabad ‘Politically Motivated’, T’gana Govt Was ‘Aware of Schedule’: Assam CM

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Saturday claimed his security breach in Telangana was “politically motivated and scripted” as the state government were aware of his itinerary. He said that he was asked for his itinerary by the Telangana government prior to his visit and a man “suddenly” coming on the stage can’t be an accident.

The Chief Minister was referring to an incident in Hyderabad on Friday, in which a man wearing a pink scarf made some remarks regarding Sarma and tried to grab the mike from a BJP leader at a rally stage ahead of the Assam CM’s address to the public on the occasion of Ganesh immersion. The man also approached Sarma and was taken off the stage while he was reportedly raising ‘Ja KCR’ slogans.

Speaking to the media, chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said before he began his speech a man, wearing a TRS t-shirt, approached him on stage and asked him why he was speaking against their government.

He further explained that the incident looked like it was planned. “The intruder told me ‘why are you speaking against CM Telangana’ but I was yet to deliver any speech and seemed very scripted. It may be politically motivated,” Sarma said.

He said party workers took him away and it was revealed that he was a TRS worker too. “This makes the incident different,” he alleged adding that the situation “could have been more serious.”

He said he doesn’t “want to drag this issue” but despite prior information about his visit schedule to the state government, such an incident should not have happened. “If this would have happened in Assam to another Chief minister, the Assam police would have been more strict on this. And God forbid, what if he had a weapon to attack me? He was in such proximity to me that anything could have happened. He wasn’t violent, but what if he was?”

Sarma was invited by Bhagyanagar Ganesh Utsav Samiti and Udupi seer Pejawar Swamy Dharmadhikari for the Ganesh Immersion Shobhayatra in Hyderabad.

However, BJP MLA Diganta Kalita has already asked for a detailed report of the incident. Minister Pijush Hazarika has also condemned the incident.

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