Schools are opening amidst fear of third wave: Experts said – keep ventilation, good heating and air conditioning in the classroom, virus will not survive

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Schools and colleges are being opened in many countries including India amid the third wave of Corona epidemic. The threat of an epidemic has not averted, but after the arrival of the vaccine, everything is slowly moving towards the new normal.

In a recent research, American researchers have asked to pay attention to the heat, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system for the opening of schools and colleges. According to researchers, schools and colleges have started reopening after waiting for about one and a half years amid the pandemic. In such a situation, it is important to take special care of ventilation, good heating and air conditioning in the classroom.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) of the US said in its study that the HVAC system in the classroom does not allow the virus present in the air passages to stay in one place for a long time. Due to this, to a great extent, one can be protected from viruses like corona.

Aerosols are more than standard in ordinary rooms
Leon Glicksmann, professor of architecture and engineering at MIT, said aerosols are more than the norm in an ordinary room. Research revealed that these aerosols were found to be 50 to 150% more than the norm when being in a room with more than one person. The infection persists through aeroceles even in open spaces. When the wind blows, it reaches other places or ends.

Aerosols reach inside the body through breathing
These aerosols keep coming and going inside the body during people’s inhalation and exhalation. In such a situation, there is a possibility of the virus floating in the air entering the body. In the midst of the corona epidemic, these aerosols can prove to be more dangerous for healthy people. However, such a problem is rare in ventilated rooms.

aerosol Mask prevents it from entering the body
It has been told in the study that good masking is necessary to avoid aerosol from entering the body. Masking anywhere other than school or college gives you protection from the virus to a great extent.

Professor Glickman explains that when a normal person exhales, at that time the speed of the aerosol becomes 1 meter per second. At the same time, when a person coughs, the speed of the aerosol is very fast. In such a situation, the mask prevents such movement. This means to say that if a person has symptoms of infection and he is wearing a mask, then he can affect the least number of people.

Follow these safety measures

  • Replace the old one with new ventilation in the house, room, office, which can stop the virus along with dust.
  • Use an AC with anti virus technology.
  • Sanitization necessary at the end of the meeting or function in a closed space.
  • Avoid eating food or drinking water after taking off the mask after meeting and function.
  • Strictly follow the two yard distance with the mask.
  • Such machines should be used in meetings or functions, which can give information about the infected person.

what is aerosol
Very fine particles of solid or very small droplets of liquid floating in the air forming a circle of dust particles are called aerosols. Naturally, by means of some equipment and technology, aerosols remain active until they are exhausted. The aerosols of some such polluted particles create the condition of haze and fog.

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