Santhanam, who criticized Jai Bheem, drew himself for the chairman, Dikkiluna

Tamil comedian-actor Santhanam is in the news for his comment on Suriya’s film Jai Bheem. Commenting on the portrayal of caste in the film, Santhanam said that one should not belittle others to highlight social issues. “This is a completely unnecessary thing. The youth should give a good message to the society,” the actor had said during a press conference for his film Chairman.

While Santhanam’s comments received mixed reactions, the actor recently courted controversy with his recent outing. His latest film Chairman raged for one of the posters in which the lead actor is seen urinating on a wall while the other character is sitting with a bottle of wine.

A slogan is raised on the wall, “Resist for clean water, gather the warriors.” The poster drew criticism from a regional political party, the Thanthai Periyar Dravida Kazhagam, which accused the makers of belittling those protesting for clean water.

“In the name of humour, they are insulting the protesters fighting for water. We strongly condemn making films with inhuman scenes in the name of comedy. TPDK general secretary Ramakrishnan said, the scene should be removed from the film immediately.

The chairman also came under criticism for copying the lead poster of the film from the Hollywood film ‘Role Model’.

Not only Speaker, Santhanam’s previous film Dikkiloona was hailed by critics for featuring sexist dialogues. In the film, Santhanam’s character shames a woman for wearing a short dress, saying that she should live in a way acceptable to society.

If that wasn’t enough, there is also a scene in Dikkiluna in which Santhanam mocks people with disabilities by calling such a person a “side stand”. The president of the 3 December movement, Deepak Nathan, issued a statement condemning the scene.

A few years ago, the transgender community lodged their protest against Shankar’s I, alleging that Santhanam defames a transgender character in the film.

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