Sania Mirza Gets Candid About Retirement, Seeking Therapy ‘To Stop Competing’ in Masaba Gupta’s Podcast

Last Update: December 30, 2022, 11:19 AM IST

Masaba wins candidacy with Sania Mirza in her podcast

Masaba wins candidacy with Sania Mirza in her podcast

Masabagupta candid chat with tennis champion Sania Mirza who opened up on her impending retirement from being the golden girl of tennis and more.

As she continues to work in fashion and films, Masaba Gupta has added another feather to her cap. She recently made her podcast debut with a show called How I Masaba on Luminary, a subscription-based podcasting and audio network that has entered India. In the first episode of a light-hearted and insightful business-meets-life podcast, Masaba candidly talks with tennis champion Sania Mirza on being the golden girl of tennis, her biggest matches and her impending retirement when she doesn’t. Talked openly. —exactly the behind-the-scenes moments that shaped her into the powerful and fierce athlete she is today.

In the episode, Sania talks about her iconic match against tennis legend Serena Williams when she was just 18. Sharing an interesting insight, he said, “We saw Serena, Venus (Williams; tennis star), these great champions. We never thought that we being Indians can ever compete with him. Then all of a sudden, they had this 18-year-old girl competing against these champions. Although she did not emerge victorious, she feels that the match proved to be a historic moment in her life as she said, “This loss made me who I was. It changed the entire graph of my life.”

In January this year, while announcing her retirement, Sania had said that the 2022 season would be her last. “To stop competing, to stop walking down the middle of the courts to crowds cheering for you… It’s a very, very big decision. I’ve had help, I’ve had therapy,” she told Masaba, and Further adding that her love for tennis is stronger than ever, but it also evolves.

The new episode also echoes the star athlete’s unreserved opinion about his priorities now. “Leaving my son for 25-30 weeks a year, it’s not something I can think of doing. This is my body too. I am 36 years old. I have had many surgeries.

The episode sees Masaba sharing some of her stories of how she wanted to be a tennis player. She called herself ‘a failed tennis player’ and talked about the mental toughness of being the daughter of a great sports-star – retired cricketer Viv Richards, and the fear of being judged as a sportsperson. Both Sania and Masaba delved into a range of topics including performing under pressure, supporting parents and being a woman in the professional world.

On a related note, How I Masaba is a podcast where designers, actors and entrepreneurs sit down and get up close and real with their fellow multi-prong mavens and some of the most successful women of all time – who have and continue to shatter Shatter glass ceilings and barriers and boundaries – for a conversation full of tough lessons, epiphanies and fun-filled nostalgic moments.

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