Samsung Starts Development Of Galaxy Ring: Report

New Delhi: Samsung Electronics has reportedly started advanced development of its smart ring codenamed ‘Galaxy Ring’. As The Elec reports, Japanese firm Meiko is in charge of developing the Galaxy Ring’s rigid and flexible printed circuit board (PCB), which connects various electronic components.

The smart ring is expected to feature “better body information measurement accuracy” than the Galaxy Watch. However, it is still unclear when and how the Galaxy Ring will be mass-produced.

A wearable device, a smart ring allows wearers to check on their body and health information on a smartphone app, which is collected by the many sensors mounted on it. In terms of accuracy, smart rings may outperform smartwatches in providing sleep and health information.

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Since the smart ring is worn according to the thickness of the wearer’s finger, mistakes caused by loosely wearing the device can be minimized.

“A smart ring may not look like an electronic device when compared to a smartwatch, but if the design elements are convoluted, the functionality of the product inevitably diminishes,” the report said.

Furthermore, the tech giant is applying for a patent for the Galaxy Ring that works with Extended Reality (XR) devices.

Ora from Finland is a popular smart ring company. The Aura Smart Ring comes with built-in sensors, battery and Bluetooth function. The report states that it weighs 4 grams to 6 grams and can be used for 7 days with 80 minutes of charge.

Other popular smart rings include the Maclear RingPay and the Circular Ring. Meanwhile, earlier this month, a Reddit user found that the Samsung Health beta app, version, included a “feature list” that mentioned “Ring support”.