Same Sex Marriage: সমলিঙ্গের বিয়েকে সুরক্ষা দিতে বিল পাস মার্কিন কংগ্রেসে

LN Rao

The US Congress on Thursday passed a special bill to protect same-sex marriage, with President Joe Biden likely to sign it soon.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi said before voting, today this assembly will proudly stand for freedom.

However, such a bill had already been approved by the House. Meanwhile, President Biden has announced that he will sign the bill into law. Democrats and others welcomed the initiative.

Pelosi tweeted on this day, “I’ve made a career out of fighting for LGBTQ people.” And now as Speaker, I will sign that bill. The federal government won’t stand in the way of you marrying the person you love.

This new bill has been named The Respect for Marriage Act. Earlier it was said that marriage means union of man and woman. However, there is currently a message of widespread support for same-sex marriage in the US. In many cases, a majority of Americans support it.

But some conservatives and religious people have started opposing it. Meanwhile, conservative Republican Jim Jordan spoke ahead of the vote. I think this is going in the wrong direction.

But House Democrats want to quickly turn the bill into law. Meanwhile, in 2015, the Supreme Court also declared same-sex marriage de facto legal. Thousands of same-sex marriages have followed. This time the US Congress is also working to pass a law regarding this.