Sagar Sharma —The Newly Appointed Senior State Vice President by Indian Youth Congress

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Indian Youth Congress has appointed Youth Icon Sagar Sharma as Rajasthan’s Senior Vice President following his popularity among the youth of Rajasthan. He earned the party’s recognition through his unwavering devotion, loyalty, and labor of love, and is now charged with the duty of securing the public’s support in the elections of 2023. With the new generation’s mindset and as a leader, he took on this responsibility to mobilise and educate the voters regarding their rights and help them with their problems.

Being an active youth leader and a social worker, Sagar Sharma gained the trust and support of people. His most notable professional accomplishments include establishing a team specifically for the purpose of reaching out to those in need, and providing relief as well as providing assistance to migrant workers from various parts of the state who were having difficulty getting home. The COVID Relief Program, which helped millions, is one of his major accomplishments. He also participated in the Commonwealth Youth Virtual Parliament as one of the participants and played a key role in bringing the Congress’ board in the elections of Kekri Municipal Corporation after 25 years, Sarwar Municipal Corporation after 15 years, Sarwar Panchayat Samiti. During the INC’s membership drive, he also made the most members of the Congress Party in the Ajmer Zone, which was a key factor in his appointment to this position. In addition to all this, he was also vocal in the recent farmer’s protest and made a clear stand on their part.

Sagar Sharma

There’s a famous saying by Winston Churchill, ” You have enemies? Good. ” That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”
True, but it is sad that people don’t always appreciate the good deeds. Sagar Sharma is the son of known politician and is blamed for being a product of nepotism in the Congress party. Perhaps, little is known to them about how he has been working selflessly for years.

He grew up in an affluent household, which enabled him to live a vivaciously prosperous life. He decided to use this blessing to clear the way for those who require a helping hand, and a future to live in order to reach their full potential as human beings. He pursued higher study in business management at James Cook University in Singapore after completing his studies in Jaipur, but returned to India to pursue his passion for social welfare development by making better use of his degree. He uses social media to not only spread the word about his goal but also to connect with others who require assistance. His idealised view of a politician clashes with the primitive thinking that prevailed in the past. He focuses on using social media to educate and inform young people about their rights. Anyone wishing to get in touch with him can do so by mentioning him on Twitter. His fame grew as a result of the general public adopting his new method of
working for social welfare and recognising his efforts by following him on social media.

Story first published: Monday, September 5, 2022, 17:34 [IST]