Roohaniyat actress Palak Purswani says TV shows have become nerdy: Every other story is mythology or a love triangle. Unique

Arjun Bijlani and Kanika Mann starrer web show Ruhaniyat recently started streaming on MX Player. The romantic drama is a complex story woven around a businessman Saver Rathod (Arjun), who doesn’t believe in ‘forever’ love as he loses the love of his life (Yuvika Choudhary) in an accident. Prisha (Kanika), 19, falls in love with Saver, and the twists and turns that await both life and relationship become the plot of the series. TV actress Palak Purswani, who plays a pivotal role in the web show, shared how she felt after sharing screen space with Arjun aka Saavar and also mapped her journey from television to OTT platform. Did.

Palak was last seen in Shaheer Sheikh and Rhea Sharma starrer show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, and she recently made her OTT appearance as the parallel lead in Roohaniyat. The actress opened up about her character and how she felt about working with Arjun. Palak said, “The character I am playing is Anu Malkani. She is a very strong headed girl, who runs a publishing company, and she is a partner of the company with Saveer (Arjun). We both share the company together. and her character is very strong, up to the mark, and she likes to get her work done on time, she is basically a leader in the show. Whenever she is around Saveer (Arjun) she Gets like any other girl who is bubbly and bubbly. So, she has both the colors.”

“Working with Arjun was wonderful, as he makes a lot of jokes on the sets of the show. They also hosted a small party during the shooting of the series in Mahabaleshwar, which was the most amazing outdoor setup. I had to go to Nagpur, so they wrapped me up two days ago, and Arjun, Kanika, Harshit and Geetika also party till 6 in the morning, and at 7 they shoot. Everyone was in zombie mode when I said goodbye to them because they barely slept. That was one of the funniest incidents on the sets of the show,” said Palak.

The 28-year-old actress, who made her way to OTT through TV shows, also opened up about the difference between the two. He said, “There is a lot of difference from television to web. There has definitely been an increase in drawing. The quality of shooting done by web is different from television, we do 5 scenes in a day, however, web shows While working with the film, we get maximum two or three scenes in a day because of the quality of what is shot.”

“Everything is so perfect in OTT, everything is captured with perfection. Every character is built so well, and they deeply enhance the character in every possible way. In television we take things a bit softly but on the web it is not so. We had workshops before doing characters in Roohaniyat, and you get to hone your character, all these things are different from the way we shoot on television. I guess it’s not as busy as the TV. I work 15 hours a day, and it gets very busy, tiring and monotonous, the web is a bit chill, in terms of the perspective of the scenes we do. ,

When asked if she feels that web shows have more themes than television shows, the actress shared, “For TV, we have rural audience, and for web shows we have urban audience. Huh. So, comparatively for a web show, the audience we cater to is young. So, the story is very urban and youthful, and it is different from television because television itself has become so monotonous, every other story is either a mythology, or a saas-bahu drama, or a love triangle story, and every TV show In it, we see that there is a negative and a positive character.”

“But the best thing about web shows is that each character has the same weightage. The show doesn’t have just two leads. In a web show everyone is so strong in the same way. In TV shows, we see that the story revolves only around the lead, but in a web show, every character is important,” says Palak.

Palak dated Choti Bahu actor Avinash Sachdev for four years before they called off the relationship recently. The couple also had their roka ceremony in January 2021. Talking about her former relationship, the actress shared, “Honestly there is nothing good to talk about because what has been done has already been done. He has moved on in his life I have moved on in my life. I’m in a much better place right now, and I think that’s what matters. But I have always respected that relationship. I always have, and the industry is so small, I think we’ll bump into each other, we’ll bump into each other. So there is no enmity with each other. We have ended the relationship and now both of us are happy. I wish him the best of luck in his life. that’s about it.”

The actress will be next seen in season 2 of Ruhaaniyat. However, it has been shot, and she is currently shooting for the third season of the show, which is a 15-episode series.

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