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Rohtak’s wrestler family murder case: The court hearing on the application of the lawyer of the killer Monu is not complete; Lawyer’s argument – it is necessary to talk to understand the case, tomorrow will be heard again

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The killer Abhishek alias Monu in police custody.

Bablu’s lawyer Mohit Verma applied in the sessions court to meet the only son of Bablu, Abhishek Malik alias Monu, accused of killing the wrestler and three members of his family. Hearing on this application took place on Wednesday afternoon. Monu’s lawyer Mohit Verma told that the hearing could not be completed on Wednesday, so the sessions court will hear it again on Thursday.

It is noteworthy that Bablu Pehalwan, his wife Babli, daughter Tamannaah and mother-in-law Roshni Devi, who lived in the garden street of Vijayanagar, located in Jhajjar Chungi in Rohtak city, were murdered on August 27 after entering their house. After the murder of the four people, the only son of Bablu Pehalwan, Abhishek Malik alias Monu, is left in this family. The police has arrested him for the murder of the four.

Monu’s lawyer Mohit Verma wrote in the application filed in the court that he is the lawyer of the accused and has not been able to talk to the accused so far in this case. So he wants to meet Monu and talk about this case. It is necessary for him to meet Monu to get to the bottom of the matter and to properly present his client’s side in the court on the next hearing.

Monu had said – he is being framed
According to Mohit Verma, he met Monu, accused of 4 murders, on 6 September in the court premises. In the initial conversation there, Monu had told that he is being implicated in this case. Someone else is the murderer of his family. He is innocent. However, due to not getting full time in the court, Monu could not tell them much in details. On Tuesday morning, he went to the jail to meet Monu but was not allowed to meet him there.

File photo of the meeting of the lawyer and Abhishek on September 6 in the court premises

File photo of the meeting of the lawyer and Abhishek on September 6 in the court premises

Police claim – crime confessed in remand
Police claim that Monu made many revelations in remand. He had an enmity with his elder sister Tamanna, who was his prince. Tamanna had told about Monu living in a live-in with a boy at home. This angered the whole family, so he killed everyone. According to the police, Monu told that he came home on the day of the incident, August 27 at 11 am and went straight upstairs to Tamanna’s room with his father’s pistol. He closed her room slowly and shot Tamanna, who was sleeping on the bed, with a pistol on her forehead. After this he covered his mouth with a pillow. After that Nani Roshni Devi came upstairs and he hid behind the door. As Roshni Devi entered the room, she shot him from behind. After this his mother Babli came upstairs in the room and she shot him from behind too. After that, he took off his mother’s jewelry and locked the room from outside, Papa Bablu came down to the wrestler’s room. Bablu was lying on the bed and talking to someone on the phone. As Bablu Pehalwan disconnected the call, he shot two bullets in his forehead. Even after getting two bullets, when Bablu tried to get up, he shot another. After this, he took out a string weighing 11 tolas of gold from the hand of the father and locked the corpse in the room and kept the key.

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