Rohit Saraf, Sunny Hinduja – 5 new age actors who have delivered stellar performances on OTT

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5 new age actors who have done wonders on OTT

The lockdown has shifted the audience away from the big screen to content available online. Ever since the country came under the grip of this global pandemic, there has been a boom in OTT. In a way, viewers have more choices on what to watch and what to spend their time in.

Actors are also no longer defined by what medium they often act in. OTT platforms have come as a boon for many actors who are now getting some great characters to portray on screen. So many actors today are simply flexing their acting muscles on various streaming platforms, and they just aren’t sticking around for that big theatrical film release.

The new age talents are giving some of their best performances in OTT shows or movies. Let’s take a look at 5 such versatile actors who have delivered stellar performances during this lockdown:

Sunny Hinduja

From the family man to the aspirants, he is delivering one stellar performance after another. He has been loved by the audience for his good looks and his realistic portrayal. His character Sandeep Bhaiya has been liked by the audience so much that he has become a very popular meme.

Armaan Ralhan

With his scintillating looks and stellar performances in Aazhi Dastan, he is one to watch in the days to come. She has been loved by the audience for her subtle representation of such an intense character in the film. The patience with which he played the character showed his grasp on the detailing required to play the role.

Adar Jain

He may have started with the Prisoner Band a few years back, but his next film Hello Charlie was the one that brought him to fame overnight. The comedy flick was loved by all, and his impeccable comic timing earned him rave reviews and love from the audience.

Adarsh ​​Gauravi

his brilliant performance in Raj Kumar Rao and Priyanka Chopra The starrer The White Tiger has earned him several award nominations. His acting was absolutely impeccable and people loved how he brought realism to his grey-shaded character.

Rohit Saraf

He stood out amongst the class of actors in Ludo. He made the audience laugh and feel good that anything can happen in his life too. His acting, coupled with his childish charm, was impeccable in the film. He was also brilliant in The Sky Is Pink and his emotional performance was spot on.

Who among them is your favorite new age actor on OTT?


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