Ricky Cage on meeting PM Narendra Modi: We discussed environment and sustainability

Musician and environmentalist Ricky Cage put India on the map by winning his second Grammy Award for his recent album Divine Tides with Legendary Stewart Copeland. The pair won the award in the Best New Age Album category. Cage won his second Grammy, and Copeland won his sixth Grammy to date.

Speaking of becoming a multi-Grammy winner, Cage says, “It is a really great moment to win a Grammy Award because it is the biggest recognition for music that the world has to offer today. But it was an extra special because the Grammy win was with Stewart Copeland, who has been my childhood idol. Winning a Grammy with him was a real experience. It was a very special award for me.”

Ricky Cage with Prime Minister Narendra Modi after his first Grammy Award

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also took to Twitter to express his wishes, and Cage says it is “coming almost full circle”. “When I won my first Grammy Award in 2015, PM Modi had invited me for a meeting. And what was supposed to be a 10-minute meeting went on for about an hour. We discussed various topics like environment and sustainability,” says Cage.

The album, Divine Tides, is about consciousness and coexistence. Ask him what has been the inspiration behind this album, and he says, “Ever since I can remember, my whole life, I’ve been just two things – a musician and an environmentalist, and these two pillars have shaped my life and decisions.” We grew up in the middle of our house with lots of wooden areas around it. And my parents constantly told me to run away from these dangerous and creepy crawling animals that are in our house. I used to ask them, if we kill them on sight, why are they there in the first place? Now, I understand that every single animal, no matter how insignificant, is an important part of our ecosystem So, all these thoughts and ideas found their way into my music and later in my life music and nature and environment became one unit.

Cage’s music has always been on the path of environment, nature and coexistence. About how he fuses a social message through his music, he says, “The eternal question is whether you shame people for action or do you inspire people to take action. Getting people into action is also effective, which is Greta Thunberg’s approach. But that’s not the path I’ve taken. I have adopted the approach that is inspiring people to act through love and reverence. I call it the David Attenborough approach. With my music, I try to celebrate nature and show people what we can afford to lose. ,

Ricky Cage with Stewart Copeland. The duo won a Grammy Award for their album Divine Tides

This was the second collaboration between Copeland and Cage, the first for a single track a few years earlier. However, in the first collaboration, Cage did not meet or interact with Copeland directly and was only in contact with the artist managers and ended their production without speaking with Copeland. However, this one was completely different. Through the pandemic, he came into contact with Copeland and collaborated directly with her. After countless video conferences, and overcoming many hurdles, the duo still managed to come up with an album that won them the coveted Grammy Award.

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