Revealed in the report of Sero: A difference of 12 weeks in both the doses of Kovishield created a better immune system


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  • A 12-week difference between the two doses of CoveShield resulted in a better immune system, which experts are not in favor of narrowing the gap.

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Most of the people who were given a gap of 12 weeks between the first and second doses of CoviShield had a better immune system (immune response). According to the report of the Sero’s Prevalence Study, due to this, these people do not need any Bhuster dose immediately. Referring to this report, experts have ruled out any possibility of narrowing the gap between the two doses in the country. At present, there is a gap of 12 to 16 weeks between the first and second doses of Covishield.

An official source said the report would be submitted to the health ministry for consideration. The source said that we are reviewing the data on a regular basis and now that mass vaccination data is available, we have studied that too. Any decision will be taken on the basis of scientific facts only.

The time difference between the two doses will not be less.
According to the source there is no question of reducing the gap between the two doses of Covishield as the data shows that the immune response has improved with a gap of 3 months between two doses of Covishield.

A total of more than 112 crore doses of Kovid vaccine have been administered in the country. Out of which 88% are Coveshield. CoveShield has been developed by Oxford University and AstraZencia. At the same time, Serum Institute of India is making it at the local level.

39% people took both doses
More than 79% of the population has received at least one dose of a COVID vaccine. At the same time, about 39% have taken both the doses. According to the source, there are 12 crore people whose time has passed for the second dose, but they have not got it done yet.

changed twice
The central government has changed the rules twice regarding Coveshield. Earlier on 22 March, the difference of two doses was increased from 4-6 weeks to 6-8 weeks. Then on May 13, the difference was increased to 12-16 weeks. But there was no change in the dose difference of Covaxin.

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