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Ratnagiri: Maharashtra: Poison being given to strays in Ratnagiri? 27 bodies found, 75+ dogs missing Mumbai News – Times of India

Mumbai: At least 100 stray dogs around Ratnagiri Poisoning is suspected in Konkan. On Wednesday, the bodies of 27 dogs were found lying across the city. A case has been registered at Ratnagiri City Police Station.
Sanil Dongre, a resident of Ratnagiri town, said that more than 75 dogs from different parts of the city were nowhere to be found. The post-mortem of 27 bodies was conducted by a team of three veterinarians – Dr. Vivek Panvelkar, Dr. Swaroop Kale and Dr. Avinash Bhagwat.
While the poison used to kill could not be immediately specified, Dr Bhagwat said he suspected that an anti-termite powder was used to poison the dogs. “It is an odorless substance that resembles sugar crystals. Within 10 minutes of its consumption, it can leave the animal in pain and eventually lead to death,” Dr. Bhagwat told TOI. He recalled that In 2008, at least 40 dogs were massacred using anti-termite powder in Ratnagiri.
Saba Patankar said that many local animal lovers watched helplessly at the death of dogs. An official of the Animal Welfare Board of Ratnagiri district, Saniket Warekar said that the population of stray dogs is increasing in Ratnagiri.
“Currently the birth control program is not being implemented in Ratnagiri, due to which the dog population is increasing. This has led to many dog ​​abuse cases,” said Warekar, adding that he had written to the city council and district collector about a week ago requesting them to resume the birth control programme. Warekar expressed suspicion that some local politicians had conspired to poison the dog collectively to appease dog haters.
Animal activist Juye Dinesh Kudtarkar said there is a need to sensitize the police for quick action. “Otherwise, the perpetrators of such crimes will only feel encouraged to commit more such crimes,” Kudatarkar said. Animal welfare activists reiterated that all local municipal bodies and panchayats should maintain a fund for carrying out sterilization.


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