Rapid Fire: Tough questions in front of ‘Jersey’ actors Shahid Kapoor and Mrunal Thakur! – Exclusive – Times of India

theatrical release of Shahid Kapoor And Mrinal Thakura film by’jersey‘ has been postponed indefinitely in view of omicron Scare and new COVID-19 guidelines. The film’s team had made an official announcement some time back. But before that, ETimes caught up with the lead actors who were at their best.

Amidst many revelations like how did it feel to slap Mrinal? Shahid In the film, did they discuss their ex with each other, how Mira Rajput reacted on watching the trailer of Jersey, and much more, the actors engaged in a funny rapid fire, which caused some eyebrow-raising. Bring out the facts.

Watch our exclusive Rapid Fire with Shahid Kapoor and Mrunal Thakur here:

5 quick questions for Shahid:

That Amitabh Bachchan role for which you would give your right hand?
Never mess with the greatest, just keep watching.

Your most embarrassing moment on any set?
There are many. Sometimes the pant bursts while dancing, sometimes the dialogues speak very dirty. In ‘Jersey’, I found it embarrassing to run with the batting pad on.

Mrunal’s best performance ever?
I’d say ‘jersey’. I also liked his performance in ‘Toofan’. There’s something to love about him on camera. The more she rests, the better.

Do you believe that X can be friends?
Yes, X can be friends. Why not? But sometimes, it’s okay even if you decide to move on.

Is it right to have separate captains for red ball cricket and white ball cricket?
I think it is for the BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) to decide. But hmm…, both have pros and cons. But, I think it should be what works best for the team in question.

5 quick questions for Mrinal:

Mrunal wants to sign a film with this male actor at the earliest
Keanu Reeves.

Shahid’s best performance till date?

Have you seen the cricket match in the stadium?
Of course. And then I bought a jersey too. And, I realized how expensive it is (laughs).

Your favorite cricketer?
Virat Kohli, Sachin Tendulkar and I also love Malinga for his long, curly hair.

Would you go bald in a film with Shahid? No wigs allowed…
Yes sure. I just hope I don’t get slapped again (smiles).

Shahid: Maybe if you go bald your hair will grow even better. I went bald for ‘Haider’ and maybe it worked for me; My hair is on 40.